Rochelle and Isaiah

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How We Met

Isaiah and I knew of each other from church but never had spoken to each other. My second day of being a freshman at a community college, he walked into my class I recognized him. I waved at him and he waved back. Thankfully he sat beside me next time we had class and told me the last guy he sat by was weird. (He actually didn’t know the guy he just used it as an excuse.) We ended up being lab partners, which I’m thankful for because I would have failed! And we would study at Starbucks a couple of days before we would have a test. We really got to know each other through all of that but I never really knew if he was interested in me and I could not get him off of my mind! But one night, he texted me telling me how beautiful he thought I was and asked me out on a date. I was in complete shock because I had no idea he felt that way. But I sure did so I was thrilled! I was his first girlfriend, his first kiss, his first everything to do a lot of things with. He ended up getting a job promotion that was an hour and a half away. He asked how I felt about it and I was all for it even though I was going to miss him. We had been together for about two and a half years already so it wasn’t like our relationship was completely new which would have been more difficult in our opinions. But we kept God in the center of it all and grew closer to each other while we were growing closer to our Lord!

how they asked

Isaiah planned the whole weekend for us back where he lived. He made me an itinerary and everything. I was so excited to spend time with him and doing all the things he planned out. We hung out with all of his friends the evening he picked me up. The next morning we went to the cutest bakery and enjoyed a yummy breakfast! Then we headed to a coffee place and enjoyed conversations. Then we headed back to his apartment and prepared a fruit salad for a picnic which I was most excited for because I love picnics and it was at a place we took a segway tour on Valentine’s weekend this year. The tour guide said it was her favorite place to have a picnic during the summer so Isaiah made that happened! We hiked up the mountain which was so beautiful. We had a picnic bag full of fruit and champagne. Isaiah also had a wrapped gift that I held all the way on the hike. He said it was a random gift and he thinks I’m going to like it. He always got me random gifts so I didn’t think anything about it being an engagement ring! So we ate our fruit and layed on the grass talking and listening to music. He had made a special playlist just for the picnic of my favorite songs. When Kiss Me by sixpence none the richer (my favorite song) started playing he had me turn around while he opened his gift. When I turned around it was a little yellow house with a wrap around front porch he had custom built. I’ve always loved houses like those so he said he had one made. He asked if I wanted to see the inside of the house and lifted up the roof and there it was. The exact engagement ring that I wanted. And all of the tears came. A lot of tears. No exaggeration. He made such a special moment even more special. Like always. God really outdid himself on this man. Isaiah said the house can be a keepsake and we’ll add to it as we grow old together. I could not have asked for more of a magical day! And he even had all of our friends and family come to where he lived and surprise me which led to even more tears!

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