Robyn Joy and Lloyd

How We Met

I met Lloyd through OKCupid. Someone had lent me an Unwound album because he thought my band at the time sounded influenced by them and that I would like them. It took me a long time to finally listen to it, but when I did, it was ALL I LISTENED TO for months (ask my then roommates, they will confirm). Then I got this horrible throat sickness and was in bed for days in somewhat of a fever coma and while perusing the interwebs, OkCupid sent me a notification for this hottie in Plattsburgh that I was 97% compatible with. I had skimmed through this profile before, but this time noticed “Unwound” listed in his music interests so I wrote back and said a thing or two including “I stopped reading at Unwound.” And Lloyd was all “OMG OMG” but responded very politely to say that he wanted to answer my message more thoroughly but didn’t want to make me wait too long for a response so he was responding immediately to tell me that. And even though I wasn’t looking for anything serious, I fell in love right then….

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how they asked

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We packed as hard as we could until 1am the night before the closing of the selling my house and got up at 5am to keep going. At 8am, I had a huge meltdown while standing over my beloved kitty’s gravestone and looking at all the junk that still needed to be hauled away and being 30 minutes from leaving for the closing. Lloyd said he wanted to teach me a goodbye song (he is a preschool teacher). Then we sang it together to both the house and my kitty (which he videoed). Then he turned off the camera and took off his shirt and got down on a knee right in the back yard. Lloyd has made a million jokes about not proposing to me while (fill in the blank) is happening. So when he said “I can’t propose to you wearing this shirt” while pulling his shirt over his head, it didn’t really click. But then there he was teary eyed and on a knee and saying my full name out loud. It felt like all the parts were coming together in exactly the right way. I wasn’t sure if it was real at first because it felt so easy and right. But it was. It is.