Robyn-Ashley and Mishka


How We Met

In 2014 Mishka visited our church in Cape Town, with a group of guys from the church that he works at. He had this huge beard, strange name and I was super interested in finding out more about this quiet, tame and gentle soul. After 2 weeks of getting to know each other, he went back home, and thanks to the 21st century, we stayed in touch via Facebook. In 2015, much to my surprise, this bearded-beauty relocated to Cape Town, and began a leadership program at the church in which I was raised. We quickly became great friends, always hanging out, going on adventures and sharing moments, while creating memories. Not long after did the butterflies start fluttering, the birds start chirping and the… just kidding. I fell in love and he turned me down. I was shattered. Heartbroken. But, I invested into this heartbreak prayerfully and wholeheartedly so. After having gone on a missions trip together, he confessed that his heart toward me had changed and after many conversations, prayers, and input, we decided that we were in it for life. A week later, he had to move back to his hometown, a 15 hour drive from where I stay and it was all tears and sadness; but also the start of a beautiful adventure.

how they asked

Whenever we have the opportunity to be in the same city, Mishka will always plan out a date day filled with fun, food and our favourite things. (Kisses and macarons included.) So, on Wednesday, 9 November 2016, we set off on our date day. Started with my favourite restaurant, moved on to the best creamery in the Cape, and halfway-along, added in a childhood favourite… ARCHIE & JUGHEAD COMICS! (What a man.) We then ventured to Hout Bay forest, where our photographer friend waited to do a couples’ shoot with us… something that I’d been begging for, for months. We explored this beautiful forest, on the slopes of Table Mountain. The mountain which I grew up beneath, and the one that he grew to love.


Suddenly, while getting our pose on, Mishka presented me with a handmade notebook; one that he’d been filling for months. Letters, pictures, typography galore, enough to melt this sentimental girls’ heart. As we got to the last section, the pages were carved to perfection, and there it was, the ring of my dreams. As he got down on one knee, our best friend appeared from behind the trees, guitar in hand, singing “our” song. Tears were flowing, smiles were glowing, and our forever began as our closest friends emerged from behind the bushes, champagne and hugs at hand. It was more than I could ever have hoped, wished or prayed for.



Special Thanks

Riaan van Niekerk