Robyn and Ronnie

how we met

Ronnie and I met at work in 2014, but it took a while for the timing to be perfect for both of us. I remember being so nervous and excited the first time we got together outside of work. We stayed up all night talking and walking around town, and were inseparable from that first date. I just felt like I wanted him at my side for everything. A couple of months into dating, we were showing my cousin around town and Ronnie purchased an antique ring that he saw me eyeing in a store.

Later on that night, and after a few cocktails, we were walking down the street and he got down on one knee and fake proposed. As silly as it was, it always felt like it was a precursor for what was meant to be.

how they asked

A year later, Ronnie proposed to me for real. We were on the beach, and the sun was starting to go down for the day. It was completely unexpected, and such a private and beautiful moment. Ronnie had known that I didn’t want to be proposed to in front of a big group of people. He had been trying to get me to take a walk on the beach for most of the afternoon to get some privacy, but I wasn’t cooperating. I kept asking him to get in the ocean with me, or if we could go get some snacks.. I couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t get in the ocean with me. Finally, he agreed to leave the beach and as we were walking up towards the hotels he was holding onto my hand so tightly. I was thinking, wow, he’s never held my hand so tight before, I love him so much. And at that very moment he got down on one knee and proposed.

It was so unexpected, so perfect and intimate. It was the best day ever. We went to my favorite place on the water for dinner and did a sunset paddleboarding tour on the bay to celebrate. It was perfect!

We picked the Pine Lodge for our engagement session for a couple of reasons. We wanted something that was surrounded by nature and could be a relaxing place for our friends and family to get away to. I had been before and remembered how amazing the big pine trees were. I also have a long family history at the Pine Lodge. My grandfather and several other family members spent their summers working at Pine Lodge when they were younger and they speak of those memories so fondly. Our engagement session was a fun forest party with s’mores, wine, and even a leaf fight. It was a blast!

Special Thanks

Cindy Lottes Photography
engagement photographer
Pine Lodge
engagement venue