Robyn and Nick

Wedding Proposal Ideas in A park bench

How We Met

Nick and I met in high school, a young love that has turned into a fairy tale come true. Of course, life isn’t always easy and our love has overcome hardships yet grown stronger over each obstacle we’ve faced. Nick supported me and loved me. I went 13 hours away from him in college to chase my dream of becoming a broadcast meteorologist. Then I went on to my first on-air tv job ( still long distance ). Finally, we both took a leap of faith moving to a new city together for my dream job in Oklahoma City. He quit his job and moved far from his family and friends because he loved me and supported me.

Not many guys would do that. So after seven years of long distance, we made it into the same city! After a year in Oklahoma City, I lost my dream job…but he continued to love and support me. It was a heartbreak to lose something I had always dreamed of but I never lost his love. He is my dream. I ended up finding a new job in a new city and he followed. A few weeks later he popped the question after nine years of dating!!! In a world of tender and online dating, we met the old fashion way, but he never pressured me to quit my dream career and supported me through seven years of long distance and a heartbreaking job lost.

Robyn's Proposal in A park bench

how they asked

Nick proposed on our high school park bench with a photographer in the background! And my whole family waiting new by, including my sick grandma who won’t be there for my wedding day. The photographer captured pictures with the whole family, and I am forever grateful and in love with my dream man who I met at 17 years old.

Proposal Ideas A park bench

Robyn and Nick's Engagement in A park bench

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