Robyn and Luke

Image 4 of Robyn and Luke

How We Met

Our first official date was at a local bar in 2017, where we very quickly bonded over our love for live music, whiskey apples, and adventure.

Image 1 of Robyn and Luke

How They Asked

The ring (and the secret!) traveled more than 10000km from Australia, across South America, and then for one final hike up to what felt like the top of the world. We got comfortable for lunch by a secluded lake, and instead of passing me the ham and cheese sandwiches from his backpack, I was offered this hundred-year-old antique beauty and a lifetime of love.

Image 2 of Robyn and Luke

To top it off – little did he know – he’d actually proposed on my Grandparents’ 65th wedding anniversary! Exhaustion, sweaty faces, and cold hands were absolutely worth it for this view and the memories!

Image 3 of Robyn and Luke