Robyn and Lucas

how we met

We first met at our local watering hole at a point when neither of us were looking for a relationship. We both lived in the same neighborhood and shared a love of craft beer and politics. When we both became available, an unlikely yet perfectly crafted series of events led us to one another. One night, she, in a caffeine fueled rampage, reached out over facebook to get together and he suggested the park in the neighborhood as a meeting place. We sat for hours on the swings talking like teenagers and ended up back at his house after an offer of playing the Oregon Trail card game and continued conversation. He may have died of dysentery and snake bites, but he managed to walk her home and wish her a good night.

how they asked

I’ll let him tell this one…Jesus. We went to Europe in between her last semesters of her getting her masters degree. It was around our 6 month anniversary. Now, mind you, I had been looking for a partner because my son was getting older and I wanted to be able to share the joys of watching him grow with one person, and building more of a family. There was a truly unfortunate moment in our lives where a colleague of mine, and mutual friend passed away at 28 years old. He was married, and in the prime of his life. He, his family, and his wife didn’t deserve it. I realized what an opportunity I had in front of me in that time of sadness. So, I told my family I was going to propose to this woman in Europe and come home the (hopefully) happiest man on the planet. Here’s the thing, Robyn is the best, so I really lucked out. Anywho, after a morning of museums in Amsterdam, and me nervously checking my coat with an engagement ring and my entire sense of security tucked away inside the jacket pocket of my peacoat, I bent the knee and asked her to spend the rest of her days with me in front of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. We were so fortunate to have some lovely younger folk capture the moment in a photograph and a video. Best day of my life.

Special Thanks

Sabotta Imagery
 | Photography