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How We Met

Justin and I have known of each other for years but our real connection happened when we both stood in the same wedding. All the parties and group activities lead to me finding the man of my dreams. Our connection was instant and everyone could feel that this was the real deal. I knew from our first date that this was going to be the man I was going to marry. We started dating on May 11, 2013 and about a week after we started dating I left with my best friend, Lauren, to go on a Disney Cruise. We were gone for about 5 days.

When we returned home I met up with some friends at Baton Rouge Bayou Country Super Fest to surprise Justin. I walked up the stairs, walked through the crowd of people and tapped him on the shoulder. He instantly started to cry. People around us were saying omg congrats how long have y’all been dating…. we responded 2 weeks hahah but it was then we both just knew we were meant to spend the rest of our lives together. Since then we have had our ups and downs but through everything he is the only person I would want to go on this journey of life with.

how they asked

Justin Fredricks, my fiancé, truly out did himself on Friday night. Earlier this week he had a vendor email me and his father Eric, owner of Bee’s Wedding and Event Designs, that he set up a meeting with a potential client at this venue and he needed us to meet him at 6:30pm. Of course I agreed to this meeting because it sounded like the perfect client! Little did I know! I had Eric pick me up because after the meeting Justin and I had plans to go to dinner to celebrate our 3.5 year anniversary, so I thought! On the way to the “meeting” Eric started talking about the meeting and really had me going. (Noted for the future Eric is a great story teller haha!!) Once we arrived at the venue we met up with Chris the owner of St. Maurice’s Church and he was like are y’all ready they are just inside. Eric and I said “well of course.”

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They both opened the doors and there I saw Justin, standing at the alter with candles and rose petals all around! It was a picture perfect moment!!

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I nearly died knowing what was about to happen, I was about to walk up this aisle to start a new chapter in both of our lives! This felt like the longest walk of all but the most special (besides our wedding day) that I was going to take walking up to him. I couldn’t believe it! When I got up there he began to tell me why he chose this location to propose to me and that is because 42 years ago my parents were married on that very same alter and years before then my grandparents were too.

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This church is no longer a church in fact you have to rig the lights to get them to turn on so it was a lot to make this proposal happen. But that is Justin for ya! He thinks of every little detail and everything always has a purpose. When he knelt down to ask me to marry him and I said yes a huge cheer came from the back of the church – our parents and siblings were hiding and watching the whole thing take place!

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(Here’s when he surprised them with the set up, too!)

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Which was just icing on the cake to this already perfect proposal. After the proposal the surprises kept coming! We went to a place where all of our family and friends were waiting to celebrate with us! This was truly the best night of my life and I wouldn’t change anything about this proposal! It was truly magical and I can’t wait to start planning our wedding!!! I have planned and been a part of many wedding in my lifetime and I can’t wait to finally be able to plan my very own wedding.

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