Robyn and Joe


How We Met

Joe and I’s how we met story is a little different that most. We have actually known each other most of our lives. We both grew up in Cheney, Kansas. A small town of about 2,000 people, 20 minutes West of Wichita, Kansas. When Joe moved to Cheney he didn’t go to the same Elementary school I did. Being a Lutheran, he went to the Lutheran school until 8th grade before coming to the public schools for High School. I had always known who he was but didn’t know much about him until he got to High School. Joe’s a year older than I am in school, and is 6 ft 5″, so he’s pretty hard to miss. Our paths crossed throughout high school but we had never hung out just the two of us. The first time I’d noticed Joe as more than just a friend, was during track practice one day.

My friends and I were tanning on the high jump mats instead of practicing, and Joe was working on high jump on the mat next to us. I turned to one of my friends and said “When did Joe get hot?” (he still to this day doesn’t believe I said that). Nothing happened after that, fast forward to February, 2012. Joe was already attending Kansas State University and I was a Senior in High School heading to K-State in the Fall. We started casually texting here and there. As he puts it, I didn’t really give him the time of day. I had just gotten out of a relationship and didn’t really want to start one at the start of college even though we were both going to be attending the same school.

Over the next few months we ended up texting pretty much every day. He came back one weekend and asked to take me on a date. I figured eh, what do I have to lose. He picked me up and opened the car door for me. I was genuinely surprised because I’d never had that done for me unless it was prom or something similar. I even texted my best friend, telling her what happened and she was surprised as well. After that date, we started Skyping almost every night, it was through these small Skype dates that we got to know more about each other. One night in May, he told me he wasn’t able to Skype that night because he was busy studying for finals, but let me know he would be home that weekend for his two week break.

Later that night I received a text from a friend telling me to come outside to see her new car. I walked outside and sat in my driveway waiting for her to get there, and I saw Joe’s car pull around the corner and into my driveway. He got out of his car with a bouquet of roses and hugged me. Needless to say my heart skipped a beat. We continued to text throughout the summer and up until I arrived in Manhattan to start school.

My first night in Manhattan he took me to Manhattan Hill, which looks over half of Manhattan and is beautiful. It only took about a week of me being in Manhattan for me to decide to finally give it a shot a date Joe. And here we are four years later!

how they asked

I absolutely LOVE Disney. My Mom has a love for it and passed that love down to my siblings and I as kids. We are extremely lucky to have parents that took us to Walt Disney World every year. My Uncle lives in that area so we make a week long trip out of it during the summer. So being proposed to at Disney World is something I’ve dreamed about for as long as I can remember. I had told Joe that he needs to join us at some point and come to Disney with us, little did I know that he would actually be able to come with us, twice!

Joe plays football at Kansas State, it takes up a great deal of time and is one of the most challenging yet rewarding things he has ever done. It is a roller coaster and plays with your emotions a lot of the time, but is something we will be able to remember for years to come. Over spring break in 2016 he had the chance to go to a Quarterback’s camp in Disney World at the Wide World of Sports. Of course I jumped on this opportunity to go down to Disney World with him and show him a place that is near and dear to my heart. As it was getting closer for the time of the trip, I flat out asked him if he was going to propose (obviously I didn’t think he would tell me the truth, but felt like it wasn’t a bad idea to ask) He told me not to get ahead of myself. So I pushed that thought to the back of my mind. We had an amazing trip, and finished out our school year strong.

My family started planning our annual summer Disney trip, expecting this to be the last one it was very sentimental. When we found out that Joe’s would have a week off of football while we were down there, we figured we would ask my parents to see if he could join. I could feel that my mom was a little hesitant about it, but flights were surprisingly cheap and after a little persuading, she said yes! Joe joined us in Disney World on Tuesday July 26th, 2016. I was incredibly excited for him to be down there with us again, and truly didn’t expect to be proposed to. He had told me he wanted to wait until we were a little more established and he wasn’t ready yet, which I was okay with.

On Wednesday the 27th, we had planned to spend the entire day at Magic Kingdom. We got up bright and early and only had about 5 hours of sleep. Joe had mentioned that we should take our annual family picture in front of the castle before we got all sweaty, which I gladly agreed to. After the photographer took some of all of us, Joe mentioned that we might as well take on while we were there. Again, I gladly agreed to. Before the photographer snapped our photo, Joe said, wait, I want to do something first. He turned to me, grabbed my hands, and started telling me how much he loved me and how much I meant to him.


(I ended up making him write everything down later because I had no idea what he said during) after he spoke he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.


I was completely shocked and was crying like crazy. I said YES of course (I think) and my whole family cheered and so did the people around us.


I couldn’t have asked for anything more.


I am so excited to spend the rest of my life with my best friend and the man of my dreams!