Robyn and Jason

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How We Met

I met Jason September 2nd, 2011. We met at a church lock in, both invited by our mutual friend. I saw him pull up in his car and when he got out I was just staring at him from afar, I just had this funny feeling, nothing like I have ever experienced before when I looked at him. We met gazes but looked away. After all I had a boyfriend of three years. Never being much for having with the girls my best friend Jordan and I decided to follow all the guys to the youth center where Jason set up his xbox. Jordan and I sat on the couch and watched him and a couple others play a round of Call of Duty, then he came over and sat on the couch with us. The rest is history. SIX hours of consistent talking later about likes, dislikes, bonding over having both gotten our licences within the last week(we were both 16). He knew I had a boyfriend so he was respectful. Dawn came and we sat in our own cars blasting music to each other trying to show the other who had the best songs playing(silly I know). Later that night I received a Facebook message from Jason saying he had his mutual friend look me up on Facebook for him so he could message me. His message to me was something like, :Hey I had a lot of fun at the lock-in and I think you are really cool, can we be Facebook friends?” I replied yes of course because I wanted to remain friends. He sent e his number just to talk so I replied via text, but I never heard back from him. Next week at the start of junior year, my boyfriend breaks up with me. A week later I was in town with my parents and thought, “hey, I haven’t heard from that Jason guy.” So I text him and get a response saying, “I think you have the wrong number” OMG! So I checked Facebook and sure enough ONE digit was off. I texted the right number and the rest was history. We would text until way after midnight every day. He knew I was going through a break up and was there for me. Feelings instantly were developing from the little flutters in September to a full blown crush. In November I finally felt ready to move on and Jason formally made it official a few days later. Fast forward four and a half years later and we have seen each other through our worst. I was battling an eating disorder when I met him and he helped me tackle those demons. I became ill winter of 2012 but recovered. Our love and relationship continued to grow and we knew we wanted to marry a month after dating. Winter of 2013 I became very ill and barely finished my senior year because of having to miss so much school. Jason would leave his school early to come take care of me and raise my spirits. He has been my ray of sunshine since day 1. I lost both my grandparents that spring 28 days apart and he was there to pick up the pieces. We moved to Bend, Oregon later that summer a s a fresh start. I was diagnosed with a few chronic illnesses that left me unable to care for myself. He was Mr. Nurse, always taking care of me and sacrificing school so he could work to support us. Our first year living together really opened our eyes to each other, the deepest parts of our soul and we still had that same deep caring love. My health is still a trouble as I can’t work and he manages going to school full time and work, he has and always will be my Superman <3

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how they asked

Ever since I was little I was that girl dreaming about her ring and proposal all of her life. I’ve been obsessed! So when I knew we would be getting engaged soon, I became dropping not so subtle hints to Jason. With my parents 2.5 hours away I had wanted them to witness the proposal so I wanted it family oriented but I had no idea how that would happen and how he would pop the question! Living in Bend is basically a recreational playground. Our love was hiking in Smith Rock State Park in Redmond about a half hour away. My favorite was the gruesome hike appropriately named “Misery Ridge Trail” a mile long straight up hike, but the view is breath taking. At the top you can see all of Central Oregon. You can see Mt. Bachelor, Mt. Jefferson, the Sisters, everything! I knew this is where I wanted to be proposed to. So on May 5th, 2014 my parents decided to have a mini vacation in Redmond. I was hoping that day would be the day as Jason had heard my Smith Rock suggestions. My parents and I were going to meet Jason at the park when he got off of work. Until then I was a suspicious nervous wreck haha! We meet him there and begin the hike, myself, Jason and my parents. We stop along the way to take a breath and it was a gorgeous sunny day. We finally made it to the top and I was exhausted! I was hoping the hike was worth it. I had my mom start taking pictures of us before he proposed, wondering if he would do it in one of the pictures. Finally my dad was restless and started on the trail down and took our dog with him and gave me his coat(seen in pics) because it became cloudy and breezy. We were toward the edge near Monkey Face Rock and I turned down to the trail beneath us and was shouting to my dad because he was teasing me about something. All of a sudden I hear this voice say, “Robyn!” I turn around and see Jason on one knee with the ring out, as soon as I saw him I started bawling. I can’t even remember what he said except I know he used my full name. After he asked I squeaked out a ‘yes’ through the tears and hugged him while he was still holding the ring. He lifted me up and was swinging me around, my dream come true, I couldn’t believe this was actually happening after 2.5 years! We finally stopped hugging and he put the ring on, it was sooo beautiful! We started walking over to my mom who had managed to get almost all of it on video! We walked up with happy tears in my eyes when she snapped our first picture. I then cried and hugged her and she cried too! Jason has always been like a son to her already. I had always wanted to be proposed to in the rain and guess what! It started to rain a little right when he was asking! Until our wedding day that was the happiest day of my life, knowing I would spend the rest of my life with the sweetest, most caring and goofy person I’ve ever met. How everything fell into place for us to meet, it was fate. I knew in those first couple of weeks I had found my soulmate, now I get to spend forever with him. <3

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