Robyn and Gavin

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This past November, Gavin surprised me with a trip to Germany, my birthplace. I have not been back since I was 9 and he knew that this country was on the top of my bucket list. Throughout the trip, Gavin made it very clear that he HAD to see the Neuschwanstein Castle. Much to his dismay while traveling, we met various people who advised that the Marienbrucke was closed for the season. This resulted in nightly Google searches for secret paths to get there. We arrived in Schwangau, the home of Neuschwanstein. He was excited to finally show me this beautiful castle when we were told the bridge was closed. We decided to take a tour of the castle when he noticed across the way, people on the bridge! This just ignited determination and he was convinced that he would get on that bridge before he left Germany, no matter what he had to do. The next morning, we wake up with our plan. He found a route taking us off the path to the castle, through the woods and when I say woods I mean WOODS! We run into a nice gentleman that did not know any English except “Bridge Closed”!

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We ignored him and continued on. We got to the top and noticed not only was there a huge barricade blocking access but construction vehicles everywhere but he was determined. He told me to follow him. We climbed over a few fences praying we would not get arrested. We got to the bridge but while I say bridge, I want to explain, this is a suspension bridge over a very large gorge but if you can get past the fear of heights, slipping and falling, you will witness the most picturesque view in Germany and I DID! He asked me to take pictures with his phone as he found his camera. He walked away and when I turned around, he had a bag and said, I got you a little something but be careful. In his mind, he is probably thinking, what man hands a gift bag with a diamond in it to their girlfriend on a bridge thousands of feet over rocks and water?!

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Gavin knew me well enough so he attached it to a Bavarian bell key-chain. I opened the bag and am so excited about the key-chain that he literally had to tell me the gift was NOT the key-chain. As I am noticing that there is a ring on the other end, he got down on one knee and quickly says, “Will you be my wife?” I say, “OF COURSE!” for him to then reply, “We need to go before we get arrested!” While this was not the proclamation of love that I had imagined it was perfect and just like our relationship, unpredictable,an adventure,and laughs!

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