Robyn and Gary

How We Met

We met at a country bar called Stampede Corral on December 21st, 2012. We locked eyes while freezing in line for two hours (it is December in Canada after all in!). When we were inside a little while later, Gary asked me to dance. But of course I said no, and that Gary was too young for me. He countered and said he was 24, two years older than me, so I ID’d him to make sure. Well then he ID’d me too, and then he made me laugh and we danced into the night. I later gave him my business card and told him to call me. He waited a few days to ask me out, and the rest is history.

how they asked

We were traveling around Europe for one month together during the Summer of 2016. After three weeks of traveling, we had a relaxing beach day in Barcelona. Meanwhile, in Gary’s backpack was the ring box wrapped in tissue, in a Ziploc bag, in his pants pocket. So he had to find a way to get the ring out without me noticing. We were playing paddle ball on the beach when I decided to go swimming, so he saw his chance. I was floating in the water so he swam up to me over a big wave with the ring clenched in his hand and then proposed! My first response was, “are you kidding me?”. So he asks again, and I say, “is this a joke?”. He asks a third time and of course I said YES!

Image 1 of Robyn and Gary