Robin and Lee

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How We Met

Robin and Lee met online and have lived a life full of adventure, travel, new hobbies, and look forward to building their lives together. Next step – owning a home!

How They Asked

Lee asked for the bride, Robin’s hand in marriage from dad, Donald on Easter Sunday unbeknownst to her. After happily getting his blessing he contacted the jeweler to try and expedite the process. However, being in a statewide lockdown during COVID19 this seemed to present an initial challenge.

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By the grace of God and some extremely talented individuals, the custom ring was created and ready by his selected proposal date of Sunday, May 3rd. This by no coincidence fell on the anniversary of Robin’s late grandparents, Frances and George.

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Given that most of the state is closed and Robin was not keen on public attention for their special moment, he opted to use the family business, Heart for Hospitality’s warehouse. Enlisting the help of Mom, sisters, and all the family, Lee had the most magical set up created to drop down on one knee. The engagement was going to be magical regardless if we all were quarantined or not!!

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To get future bride, Robin to the shop, she was told it was her sister’s birthday BBQ and there was something down the road at the warehouse they needed to help with before the festivities. When they arrived inside nobody was present and every flameless candle was turned on with an endless array of flowers surrounding a cozy love seat sofa and lit by a cherry blossom tree. He asked and she said a resounding YES.

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Special Thanks

Lori Falk
 | Floral Design