Robin and Kyle

Robin's Proposal in Johnny Carinos, Albany, Oregon

How We Met

Kyle and I met 2 and a half years ago at a drug store. We both worked there and became fast friends. I am 18 years older than Kyle and the idea of us dating never crossed my mind. I had a long history of abusive and toxic relationships and was in a place in my life where I had let go of any dream of happily ever after for me. As the friendship progressed and we spent more and more time together, studying together to become pharmacy techs. I slowly. very slowly, realized I was developing a feeling for him. I resisted because I didn’t think he would reciprocate my feelings. We are both quiet and awkward people and probably would have gone on forever as just friends if it weren’t for Jennifer. My best friend, Jennifer, saw how happy we made each other and took it upon herself to set us up. LOL God bless her. To my utter joy, he felt the same way! My mom passed a couple of months into our relationship. Kyle was my rock. In our three years together I am constantly amazed at his kindness and care. He is always looking out for me. I once was a romantic, with dreams of true love. I thought I lost that. But with Kyle, I feel myself healing and dreaming again.

How They Asked

A little over a month ago we went out to dinner with his boss. Kyle excused himself and went to the restroom. As he was walking back I saw his face and knew. I said “Oh Lord” LOL He kissed me and got down on one knee. Then said “I love you, Robin, will you please be my wife, pretty please” I was in so much shock I almost forgot to say yes. LOL, All the while his boss was taking a video! He came out of nowhere and brought color to my world. He is my dream come true.

Special Thanks

Kenzi Shipley
 | Photographer