Robin and Esteban

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How We Met

We met pretty normally, through friends at a party. I wasn’t interested in him because I’d just gotten out of an extremely abusive relationship and honestly had a lot of resentment towards men. He was funny and had sooo much positive energy it was hard not hanging around him. He wanted to date me right away, he asked me out over 100 times in the span of 3 months and I constantly reminded him I was not interested. In my mind, we were both fighting personal demons and dating would just combine all of it into a big boiling pot. I was so afraid to be in a bad relationship again. But he never gave up.

On August 9th, I was assaulted and broke my pelvis – he was the first person I called. I wouldn’t be able to move for about 3 months and to heal completely would take a year. To sum all that time up, he took off work and took care of me. He did everything and I mean literally everything. Cleaning, feeding me, driving me to countless meetings with my lawyer and doctors, and on top of all of that, he played board games all day with me. Even though he hates them! I fell so deeply in love with him. I still think of that time and cry. During this, he met my parents which didn’t go well. Esteban is an immigrant and struggles to find work at times. I honestly can’t even write down things they aid about him. They did not like him or want us to be together. Speed things up, a year later we decided to get married. I didn’t want a big proposal or wedding. I wanted to do everything quietly and between us, mostly out of fear of what my parents would say. He didn’t care and I love him for that.

How They Asked

During our couples photoshoot, he surprised me with his mother’s favorite ring. I’m so glad he did and I look at these photos and they give me so many emotions, seeing how far we have come. He inspires me. I wouldn’t say he brings me back to reality, I would say he brings me back to the happiness you have as a kid. When you can laugh all day and have almost a carefree feeling. Even though our life is a mess, we’re smiling and enjoying every second. We’re planning a trip together around the world and we don’t care about anyone’s opinion on our life. We’ve never been happier.

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Special Thanks

Ari Theel
 | Photographer