Robin and Conor

Conor and I had planned a trip to Washington DC and we were both very much looking forward to another vacation together. Coming up on our five year anniversary, we had taken many trips together, but it was our first to DC.

We flew out on Thursday and arrived for a fun long weekend touring our nation’s capital. We spent our days walking and biking around the monuments, learning about historical buildings, and eating some seriously good grub (my fave).

I have to admit, after five years, I would notice myself subconsciously checking for ring-box-shaped bulges in his pockets. A girl can dream, right?! However, on the last night of our trip, I had pretty much given up on that thought. No biggy, I convinced myself… next time.

On the last day of our stay in DC, Conor and I spent the day at the Smithsonian museums and, come 4:30, I was ready for a quick bite and to call it a day. Conor suggested (very causally) that, since it was our last night, we should have a nice dinner and ride our bikes around the National Mall at night. “It’ll be really nice this evening, let’s do it,” he said. Without too much convincing (since I love good food), I agreed and we went home to get ready for our night out.

Dinner was delicious and Conor and I talked about our five years of memories, sharing our favorites from over the years. We finished up and got our bikes to head on our evening ride.

As he led me around the monuments, beautifully lit at night, I thought to myself how absolutely perfect the trip had been. I couldn’t think of a single thing to make it better…

Conor asked me if I wanted to ride over to the Lincoln Memorial – I was happy to follow him anywhere, so we made our way from the National Monument over to the Lincoln Memorial riding passed the Reflecting Pool jokingly shouting “Jenny!!” (Forrest Gump fans, right here).

We got there, put up our bikes, and made our way up the steps of the memorial. As I went to walk into the main area of the memorial, Conor says “let’s go over here” motioning to a quieter area to the side. I thought that was odd as we had come to see the statue, but I figured he wanted to walk around first, so I obliged.

We walked over to the side and waited for a couple to finish taking pictures in the spot where Conor said he wanted to take a selfie. There was “good light” there, said Conor… Weirdo, I thought. I put my head on his chest and heard his heart beat – FAST. I thought “We didn’t pedal that hard on the bikes…” but quickly brushed it off.

A little ways behind us, I noticed a very creepy guy was taking pictures of columns while glancing at us a little too often for my liking. I even said to Conor, “that guy is creepy, isn’t he?” He shrugged very nonchalantly.

The couple taking pictures left and we stepped up towards the edge to get the “better lighting” for our selfie. As I walked in front of him, he grabbed my hand, and said “Robin…” in a tone that immediately made my heart skip a beat.

I turned around and instantly started crying as I saw Conor getting down on one knee. My thoughts and internal excitement were so loud I couldn’t hear him! I thought to myself, “LISTEN TO HIM!” just in time to hear him say “I wouldn’t be the man I am today without you. Robin Ann Riggle, will you marry me?”

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Without thought, I breathlessly responded “YES” as I pulled him up off his knee! My fiancé!!! We laughed and cried and hugged and kissed until I could see through my happy tears to look at the most beautiful ring I had ever seen in a black, sleek (very flat, not bulgey) ring-box!

In all of that happiness and joy, I finally recalled that guy taking pictures from before. I turned around and saw Jon, our very sweet (and not at all creepy) photographer that my fiancé (!!) had hired to capture this incredible moment.

Conor and I spent the next hour with Jon, giggling and posing as I tried not to stare at my ring! The rest of that unforgettable night was spent laughing, smiling, and talking about how the heck he pulled off that sneaky, perfect proposal!

We traveled home the next afternoon and were met by my very excited parents ready to celebrate with us! We called, texted, and FaceTimed our long distance family and friends to share our exciting news! My heart still smiles (and my eyes tear up) every time I remember the sweet day my love asked me to be his wife. And every time I get a glimpse of my left hand ;)

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Special Thanks

Jon Fleming
 | Photographer