Robin and Brian

Image 1 of Robin and Brian

How We Met

Been friends for years meeting through a car club.

How They Asked

We are both widowed and to tell the truth I didn’t want to go on living. Brian came to see me after work on a Sunday when I was admitted to the hospital. It was like a light bulb was turned on and we started seeing each other in a whole new way. We started going out July 4, and continued calling and seeing each other. He asked how I felt about Friday the 13th, I told him I love the date, one of my favorite days. He then gave me a beautiful engagement ring and asked if that made me think differently about it, I said only if it means you want to marry me. He looked surprised thinking I was going to say no, when I explained it made it the best date ever. And yes I would be proud to marry him and take his name.