Roberta and Marcus

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How We Met

We just met in a private party that I was not invited (Oops…) in a Tuesday night. So, he is a singer and that party was for singers, artist, music businessmen and for me and my 4 friends that are just “normal people”. In a moment he said “Hi” with a big smile and I looked for my side trying to find for who he was smiling so beautifully and then he came to me and I was glad that smile was for me. He asked me to dance, I accepted and then he was asking what I was doing in that party after I told him I worked in HR for a multinational chemical industry. In the end of the night he tried to steal a kiss from me but I didn’t give him and just passed my phone number.

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A week later, in a Wednesday he called me asking me to a dinner but I thought he was just inviting me in a Wednesday and not during the weekend because he probably had a girlfriend and so I denied and it took four weeks until he invite me on a Thursday and I accepted and we went to a Japanese great dinner and after this we are together until now.

PS: After a while he told me he was not inviting me during the weekends because he thought I was say “no”…kkk

how they asked

The first surprise that he made for me was the music that he wrote and recorded in his album as a surprise and it is the most beautiful song I’ve ever listened and when he shows it for me I cried of happiness and excitement.

Some months later of he gave me the music, I won a photo shoot session in a promotion and the pictures become really bad and you can imagine how I became really sad because it would be our first romantic book together.

So seeing my sadness, he comments about this failed photo session and about his engaging planning to a friend, who is a really great photographer and he gave us a pre-wedding photo shoot as a wedding gift without my knowledge and it makes me really, really happy.

After this, one day he called me asking if I was not afraid about taking the photos in a balloon flight.

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I loved the idea and then started to search for a makeup and hair stylist in order to stay beautiful for the pictures, but I had no idea that he were already planning to ask me during the flight and he already planned the drone video, the photos and ordered my perfect wedding ring. He planned everything with so much love that makes me feel happier just remembering to write this here. So, that’s how they asked me, in a balloon over a thousand meters high.

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Our Video

Special Thanks

Mauricio Antônio
 | Photografer
Alberto Youssef
 | Drone Pilot
Luís Felipe
 | Videomaker