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how we met

Robert and I met in August of 2012 during our new-student orientation at our school in Rome, Ga where he can still tell me exactly what I was wearing that day. A red Alabama t-shirt with pearls, Nike shorts, ray bans, and chacos. We had no idea we were meeting our future spouses at the time. I played volleyball and he played tennis. He’s a business guy while I’m in nursing school. We could not be happier about taking the next step in our relationship and we cannot wait to start building our lives together.

how they asked

So here is the story! Robert and I planned on taking senior pictures with our favorite photographer Lindsey LaRue Photography on Friday, March 18th, the day after my 22nd birthday. I thought that we would just be taking pictures then going to eat dinner with some of our friends afterwords to celebrate my birthday. Little did I know, Robert and Lindsey had been scheming for months to set up the perfect proposal! My mom texted me earlier in the week saying, “Why don’t you get your nails done and your makeup done for your pictures, I will get it for you because its your birthday!” (Thanks to mom for making sure I looked pretty)

Robert and I get ready and head over to meet Lindsey. Upon our arrival, Rob calls Lindsey and asks for directions (little did I know he picked out the location months before) and everything seems casual, like a senior photo session. She begins taking pictures of us individually in our cap and gowns, with Rob going first. After she finished Rob’s individual pictures, he goes to change out of his shirt and tie, into something less dressy and she takes some pictures of me. After our Senior photos are over she said that we would have some time to take a few “couple” shots. I was still clueless. We began taking pictures with the most gorgeous backdrop. Lindsey suggested that we do something she does with a lot of her couples where the girl stands in front of the boy while he stands behind her for a nice out of focus effect. She placed me in one spot and told me to gaze at a landmark far away.

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Next, said she was going to “adjust Robert’s pose” AKA hand him my ENGAGEMENT RING!!! Rob left it with her the night before and she kept it in her camera bag the whole time! He then got down on one knee and waited for me.

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Lindsey told me to turn around and there was Robert, the love of my life, on one knee, holding the most beautiful ring (which I did not even look at until we left because I was so emotional and excited) asking to spend the rest of his life with me.

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I cried and cried and cried happy tears while Lindsey got more photos. At this point, I still thought we would just meet our friends for dinner at Chili’s. We leave and Robert asks me, “What is the fastest way to get to Broad street from here?” I was like WHAT where are we going!!? Robert took me to Harvest Moon Cafe, took me by the hand upstairs where he rented out the room and got all of our friends and family there to celebrate!! I was so surprised and so thankful for this perfect day. I could not have imagined a more perfect way for all of this to happen and Rob greatly exceeded my expectations! I will never forget this day for the rest of my life and I am so thankful that all of our closest friends were there to celebrate this time with us.

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