Robert and Rebecca

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how we met

Rebecca and I met in the Spring (April 2012) of our sophomore year at Texas Christian University. A friend of mine was having a get together at his house and little did I know that my future wife would be there that night. A mutual friend of ours brought Rebecca with her to this gathering and I was immediately struck by her beauty. We kind of chatted a bit throughout the evening, and I ended up driving Rebecca and her friend back to campus because I was headed that direction as well. The next day, I added her as a friend on Facebook, and we messaged back and forth and exchanged phone numbers. I asked her out on a date for the upcoming Saturday, a week after we met, and she politely obliged. When I picked Rebecca up for our first date, I give her a single white rose and then we went to a nice Italian restaurant in downtown Fort Worth, walked around Sundance Square, and got dessert at a gelato shop. We walked and talked around TCU’s campus for a few hours before I walked her back to her dorm and promptly asked if she’d like to go on another date. She said yes, and the rest…. Well, as they say, is history.

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how they asked

Part 1: I knew four months into our relationship that I wanted to marry Rebecca. I was absolutely head over heels for her. But we were still in college and were planning on going to Graduate School, so an engagement wasn’t in the cards just yet. Fast forward to Winter 2014/Spring 2015, and the timing could not have been better.

In December of 2014, I went skiing with Rebecca and her family. I flew out to Colorado to meet up with them. My dad was driving me to the airport at 4:30 in the morning for my 6:30 flight, and I told him that I was planning on talking to Rebecca’s dad and asking for his blessing to marry his youngest daughter. My dad said that he and my mom had a feeling that this was coming, and that they both loved Rebecca and would welcome her into the family. Always the joker, before my dad drove away from the terminal, he says, “well, do you have a plan B in case she says no?” and he smiles and drives off.

I get to Colorado, and after a couple of days I asked Rebecca’s dad if we could talk and so we went to “go buy lift tickets for the next day” and ended up at a coffee shop for two hours were he gave me his blessing and said that he and Rebecca’s mom had been praying for the man that Rebecca would eventually marry (which turned out to be me).

In February of 2015, the ring had been designed (by me) and was in the process of being made, and it was time to start planning. We shared a Spring Break coming up in March and I knew that was the perfect time to ask. I was going to be in Chicago for most of my Spring Break for a conference and my birthday happened to fall at the tail end of the break, so I said “let’s celebrate my birthday in Fort Worth”. Thus, the cover-up commenced. I knew that Rebecca was very close with her brother and her sister, and their spouses, so I knew it was important for them to be a part of the moment. Luckily, they were able to travel from Denver and Houston for what Rebecca’s mom told her was a “family weekend”. The layers of the cover-up deepened and Rebecca was non the wiser about what was going on.

Part 2 (the day of): Saturday, March 21st, started out like any other Saturday, with a note in the kitchen for Rebecca, her sister (Tess), and sister-in-law (Morgan), stating that we (me, her brother-in-law, and brother) were treating them to a “Girl’s Day” and to be ready by 9 am. They were surprised to see a limo pull up and the limo driver handed Rebecca the first clue for the day.

The first stop for the day was a nail salon where everyone was treated to a manicure and the next surprise, three of Rebecca’s closest friends were waiting for her at the nail salon, Megan (who flew in from California), Hallie (who drove up from Houston), and Dana, joined the party and completely surprised Rebecca. After manicures, Rebecca was given the next clue for their next destination, lunch at Colonial Country Club with both of our moms. After lunch, Rebecca was given another clue which took them to University Park Village where a chance for shopping and a coffee shop awaited Rebecca and the limo party. After shopping and coffee, Rebecca was given another clue which took her to a park on the Trinity River where I first told her I loved her (way back in 2012). Awaiting Rebecca at the park was her brother (Matt), brother-in-law (Doug), close family friend (Forrest), with a single white rose, her grandfather (who was unable to come) on the phone, and one last clue.

Rebecca got back in the limo and was quickly blindfolded. The limo drove around Fort Worth for a bit, trying to throw Rebecca off of her bearings, and ended up at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. Rebecca’s dad helped her out of the limo, still blindfolded, and walked her down a path to where I was standing, ready to propose.

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Our fabulous photographer for the event, Brandi, was prepared to catch every moment on camera. Once the blindfold came off, and Rebecca realized where she was and what was happening, a big smile came upon her face as she walked toward me.

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I said somethings along the lines of how I knew she was the woman I wanted to marry and how well she loved me and then I got down on one knee and asked those four little words, “will you marry me?”. And she answered, “of course”. We hugged, we kissed, Brandi took some pictures, and then I had one more surprise up my sleeve.

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Several of our closest friends drove in from Wichita, Oklahoma City, and Houston, and were hiding behind a row of hedges to celebrate. We walked around to where everyone was and shared in laughter and a few tears of joy, took more pictures, and we all went back to Rebecca’s parents’ house where the celebration continued.

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We got married June 4, 2016 at Robert Carr Chapel on the campus of Texas Christian University and the reception was held at Colonial Country Club.

Special Thanks

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 | photographer