Robert and Michelle

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How We Met

Our love story began 5 years ago when we met on an online dating site and only lived 5 minutes from each other. I have never met a more romantic man in my entire life. Robert loved (past tense for a reason and will share later in the story) to leave me messages on the sidewalk with chalk, drawing hearts, giving me cards or flowers just because, etc, etc.

how they asked

After being together for a year we would talk about getting married. We bought our home together in Oct 2014. Valentines Day 2015 I woke up to our master bath all decorated with balloons, cut out hearts on the mirror, heart rose petals on the floor that spread all the way through the kitchen and lead out to the garage where my vehicle was decorated as well. Inside the vehicle were Valentine decorations along with Valentine cookies for me to share at work.

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Marriage Proposal Ideas in Along our country road

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We live out in the country and as I pulled out of our driveway to head to work that morning I saw a heart placed on the telephone pole. The next pole had another heart that had the letter “I” on it. Next pole the heart had “Love”, next one said “You”. The very next pole had another heart that said: “Marry Me”. I was so giddy AND excited! Of course, I had to take pics of everything and call him since he was already at work. Saying YES is obvious.

We were planning our Wedding for fall 2016. (We set a date earlier than that but changed it) In June 2016 our lives were forever changed. Robert is a Heavy Equipment Operator and works various types of construction. On June 29, 2016, he was working for a Paving Crew on the highway. He was on the “shoulder” of the road and a car hit him from behind. His body was thrown into the air and it knocked his steel toe boots off of his feet. Besides numerous broken bones, he has a traumatic brain injury. I’m happy to say he is improving some and we are getting married April 7, 2018. ❤

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