Robert and Hilarie

How We Met

Rob and I met when I started a new job as a leasing agent at an apartment complex where Rob was the financial manager. We realized that we shared the crude sense of humor and became fast friends. I enjoyed every day I worked with Rob, and we would spend our day at work talking about anything and laughing at the dumbest things. Other than my best friend of 20 years, I never connected with any friend like I did with him. Seven months later, I had an opportunity with my old job I couldn’t pass up and left the apartment complex. After I left, we started to lose touch with each other. During those years, we both experienced the most difficult times of our lives. Rob’s wife unexpectedly passed away, leaving him and his young twin sons devastated. I was married to an emotionally and verbally abusive man, becoming the shell of the happy and optimistic woman I once was. My mother was also diagnosed with advanced mesothelioma. Rob had completely disappeared after changing his number and leaving social media after his wife’s passing. I thought I would never see him again. But fate has a way of appearing.

Six years after we last saw one another, we happened to be at the same football party that my then-husband’s uncle was hosting in a December 2015. We were ecstatic to see each other again, talking for three hours instead of watching the game. One week later, we met for lunch, once again spending over three hours talking and laughing until we realized we had to leave. After that lunch, we knew we were never going to lose touch again. Rob and I’s friendship was better and stronger than when we worked together. Nearly every weekend since that first lunch, we hung out by either going to lunch or at a group gathering. We could trust each other with everything. He gave me the strength I needed to finally leave my abusive marriage for good, and was the friend I needed as I experienced the emotions from the divorce and the years of abuse. Not long after I filed for divorce, I was shocked to realize that my feelings for him were becoming much stronger than friendship.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in The summit of the Bearbook Scenic Highway

We admitted to each other in the middle of the night that we each felt so much more than friendship for each other, but agreed to take it slow. I was terrified at the thought of falling for someone else. It was a great friend of mine who told me to take the risk or forever regret it. I followed her advice and we jumped all in. When Rob kissed me for the first time, it sent shockwaves throughout my entire body. Never had I felt that before. It was in May 2017 that we admitted we were in love. I loved his sons from the moment I met them, and they bonded with me very quickly. My family and friends were skeptical after what I went through my first marriage, but fell in love with Rob and his boys right after they met him. His family and friends also loved me as well and welcomed me as family. Just four months after dating, I moved in with Rob and the boys.

In the next year, Rob, the boys, and I have had so many adventures and traveling experiences. Rob and I set up many last minute weekend trips with the boys, taking them to places they had never been to before, including Washington DC. There were trips that just Rob and I enjoyed together as we traveled to Texas, Hawaii, several national parks, and other places. Every day we spent together, we fell deeper in love with each other. I had never had a man treat me as well as Rob does. His eyes are always so full of love and happiness when he looks at me. He also cooks, cleans, is a wonderful father, a handyman, very family oriented, hilarious, great with crafts, a great listener, kind, selfless, and very intelligent. Everything he tries, Rob has excelled at. I had literally found the perfect man. The love Rob and I share was one I thought only existed in fiction. We knew just months after dating, we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.

how they asked

In June 2017, Rob and I planned a trip to drive the BearTooth Scenic Byway, a drive I had wanted to take since I was a teenager. It was the most beautiful drive I had ever experienced, but I never would have guessed what he had planned. When we walked to the summit of the BearTooth Highway, Rob kissed me and told me how much he loved me and how happy I made him since I came back into his life. To my surprise, he got down on one knee and I started crying when he opened the box that revealed my dream engagement ring. Before he finished asking, I said yes over and over again. By the time we stopped kissing after I accepted his proposal.

We looked over to see people clapping and cheering, the shocked stranger that Rob had given his phone to take pictures, and a burly biker bawling his eyes out, saying how beautiful our proposal was. It was so perfect. On September 9, we got married with just our immediate family present in the mountains next to the lake. I am so excited to spend the rest of my life with the man of my dreams and be part of raising his two boys. I love my little family more than I can express. I have found true happiness and they are my good karma. Rob and the twins are the best things that ever happened to me.