Robert and Cristina

Proposal Ideas Glendale, CA

How We Met

Robert and I met in high school, Herbert Hoover High School. It was in junior year, we had chemistry class together and he became my biggest distraction, we started out as friends and have been inseparable ever since. It was the senior year, we became official and it’s been magical. I’m pleased to say he’s my high school sweetheart!

How They Asked

It was my birthday weekend and I was planning on hosting a birthday party that Sunday for both our families to get together. However, Robert had other plans… He had my girlfriends talk me into taking me out that Saturday for a “girls night birthday outing”. They pretended to be running late, therefore our reservations had to get pushed an hour later, our detour was having drinks before the main event. When we were going to our reservation, my friends convinced to blindfold me, I don’t know how or why, but I let them do it! This was totally out of my comfort zone.

Robert and Cristina's Engagement in Glendale, CA

Where to Propose in Glendale, CA

What I thought was the drive to a birthday dinner ended up being a journey back to the halls my fiancé and I met. They walked me, blindfolded, to the center of our high school campus, where I opened my eyes to the most perfect picture I could have ever imagined. My fiancé standing in the center of a heart with a big “MARRY ME” behind him, surrounded by all of our family and friends, who were holding their breath so I would not hear them before the blindfold was off.

After our magical moment, I found out the party I had thought I planned for Sunday was totally rearranged and replanned for Saturday by my mother and sister, where we joined all our loved ones to celebrate my perfect birthday gift, our engagement. I’m absolutely blessed to have such an incredible soulmate I get to spend my life with!

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