Caitlin and Robert

How We Met: Robert and I had plane ticket vouchers that were going to expire in a week (we had them for a year, a little last minute) so we decided to do a spontaneous trip to Colorado, I had never been but Robert had been there over 10 times before. I always wanted to go so it was a perfect decision. We got tickets and I put the planning on him since I had never been there. Robert researched hikes to go on with elevation (it had to have a large elevation). We landed late on a Wednesday to my cousins and had a couple drinks and went to bed. We woke up early the next morning (still on Michigan time) and were ready to take on the hiking trails and bring on the elevation! We stopped at a local sports store that rented snow shoes, and started our road trip to Boulder. We arrived at Bald Mountain, in Boulder, CO. We began the hike at a fairly good temperature. As we hit a higher elevation the wind picked up and the snow started falling. It was getting colder and colder as we were reaching the top. I decided to stop at pretty high point with my cousin while Robert decided to continue to go higher. He had been up there for 10 minutes and we started getting nervous. We started our way up to see what he was up to. We saw he was setting up his camera to take some photos. The hike up became harder and harder with each step, the snow was getting deep and the wind had picked up. Robert had to yell down to me to encourage me to keep going and that the view would be well worth it. And boy was he right! The mountains were beautiful with snow tips and it was a view of the Continental Divide. We started with our normal photo of us looking at the camera, then the kissing photo. Then when we let go of each other he stepped back and went down on one knee! But oh no, he couldn’t get the box out of his pocket, his snow pants were too tight! He popped back up to pull it out, when I turned to my cousin and gave her the look what is happening? I turned and looked back at him and he said his speech and proposed!

Image 1 of Caitlin and Robert

It couldn’t have been more perfect! (Well maybe less wind!) It was beautiful and took my breath away. We are so excited to start our lives together.