Robert and Alyssa


How We Met

Almost seven years ago I was with a few friends visiting my very good friend Tom in college (Monmouth University). That night we decided to hang in at his apartment, drink a little, and play a few games.

After a few drinks and a lot of laughs I realized I was getting very comfortable with his roommate Rob. We were talking a lot, laughing, just really enjoying eachother’s company.


Before we knew it – it was getting late and everyone wanted to go to bed.


Without thinking I gave Rob a little peck on the lips and went off to bed. After that night, Rob discovered we were already Facebook friends and he left me a message. We both agreed that we enjoyed each others company and decided to go on our first date.


I am very lucky to say today that- that will be my last first date.

how they asked

“It was a typical summer day and Rob asked me if I would like to go to dinner in Pier Village at Long Branch Beach. I love the view, the food, and it was our special spot because it is where we met 6 years ago.

This is something we do often… so without any thought I said yes I would love to. Threw on a dress some lipstick, and barely brushed my hair. We arrived at the restaurant early so we decided to grab a drink at the outside bar.

Rob had asked me to go for a quick walk and he had asked the bartender to watch our drinks. Slowly but surely we made our way onto the beach. Again … this was something we did often so I didn’t think anything of it. As we stared at the ocean talking about when and how we first met (I brought this topic up!!) I saw a robot looking device coming toward me.

I was confused. Looked around, even waved at it thinking some kids were playing a joke. The drone got closer towards us and Rob held up is hand and removed a box that read “to have and to hold”( it was hanging from the drone)


… it wasn’t until he got down on his knee for me to process this was the BIG moment. After he shared some beautiful words and proposed I broke out in hives and cried out ” I DO” while holding out a very shaky hand.


I’ll never forget the sound of his voice and the look in his eyes when he proposed.



It was magical, a dream.”


Our Video

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Special Thanks

Matthew Ligotti | 
Rob's Cousin controlled the drone and created the beautiful video.