Robbie and Matthew

how they asked: It was the week before my birthday. We spent the day at the spa.. that was supposed to be my birthday present. That night, we had plans to go to my mother’s house for a family dinner. Right before we left, my now-husband, then boyfriend- pulled me into the living room and there were 4 gifts lined up and numbered. I thought the spa was my gift… so I knew something was up… Each gift had an item inside of it that represented a significant moment in our relationship, each accompanied by a beautiful note. The final gift had a ring box. I was freaking out. I open the box- and a little piece of paper said “tricked you”. I wasn’t sure if this was a joke or not… and then Matthew was down on one knee and was holding my perfect ring and said the most beautiful things to me. I was literally convulsing!

Matthew had told me that no one knew that he was going to propose, except my mother, and the rest of the family was waiting at her house for us to surprise them. It was the actual reason she organized the dinner. I was told that I wasn’t allowed to call any of my friends until the rest of my family knew. We showed up to my mom’s house and walked to the backyard. The second I turned the corner, expecting to see only close family- I see all of our best friends standing there and yelling surprise!! I figured that they all knew that Matthew proposed and were there to celebrate our engagement. It turns out, they thought they were there for a surprise birthday party- Matthew whispered that they don’t know, they think it’s my birthday party- I held my left hand in the air and yelled “I’m getting married!!” Everyone freaked out and ran up to me like I just won the Stanley cup! It was a double surprise- the suprisee surprised the surprisers! My mom had made a gorgeous engagement party in her garden and we were able to celebrate such an incredible moment with the people we love most.

The best part is the photo captured of my reaction when I saw all of my friends. What an incredible, happy day.Image 1 of Robbie and Matthew