Rob and Terra

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Salt Lake City, Utah.. Cottonwood Canyon

How We Met

Our story: We’re in our early 30’s… neither of us have ever been married or even engaged, we both wanted to wait for the right fit. We met in St. Louis last spring while I had recently moved to St. Louis for Nursing School. Rob is the sweetest most wonderful man I’ve ever dated. I knew early on that this would be forever, as he later told me he knew as well. Rob grew up in St. Louis, as I grew up in Hermann. At age 19, I moved to Colorado to study Outdoor/Experiential Education and lived in the mountains until August 2016 when I gave up mountain life to move to St. Louis to attend a tiny inexpensive nursing school.

Moving to St. Louis, it’s tough to make friends, especially as an older student… so I decided to try the dating scene. Rob and I met up for a drink and a night of comedy in downtown. We were both shy, but there was an instant connection and attraction for both of us. At the end of the date, my awkward self gave him a high five when he went in for a hug (sometimes I don’t know how to be a grown up haha)… Rob said he thought the date went well, and didn’t know what the high five was all about..but he decided to ask me for a second date anyway… and the rest is history! He asked me to be his girlfriend in a Canoe while we were on the river.. how romantic :)

A few months later we met one another’s families and as my sister got married this last September, he got to meet THE ENTIRE FAMILY all at once (I’m sure overwhelming haha). His family was so warm and loving, and after I met them, I knew why Rob was the amazing human he is. The days and semesters went on with nursing school… I began having chronic headaches and sinus infections from all the stress… eventually I fell behind on school work and sadly was not successful this last semester. He was there for me through my nearly nervous breakdown, my sleep deprived snappy self, my stress eating weight gain, and my constant struggle… His compassionate kind self, only knows how to love. After the semester was over, I decided to take the last of my loan money to travel to SLC to stay with one of my best friends and ski for free (mountains are good for the soul). Rob wanted to come visit me on my birthday, so he came to Utah for the weekend… On my birthday, in the mountains, in 2 feet of snow (and more coming down), he got on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. I was speechless! (and yes their of photos of this magic moment)… instead of putting my hands over my mouth as is the classic gesture of the ladies in this moment… I bared down, much like a sumo wrestler… mainly to catch my breath… it was my favorite! On that trip I taught Rob how to snowboard (true test of the relationship but he did great!), and he fell in love with the mountains (as I grew more and more in love with him). P.S. Run-on sentences are my jam!

how they asked

While I was in SLC visiting one of my closest friends, Rob decided to come visit me for my birthday! We had the most wonderful weekend! We adventured around SLC and had the opportunity to go snowboarding as well. Being a photographer myself, I wanted photos of the mountains and snow with him… so weeks ahead of time I booked a photo session with a talented photographer I found on Instagram. Of course I checked in with him to make sure he agreed on the photographer’s style and sent him her info. He said he loved her work! Little did I know that he sent her a message to let her know he was proposing. In January he had hinted that it’s “possible” that in the next few months he might make it “more official”.. so in some ways I knew it was coming, but had no idea when or how. A proposal was not even on my mind this day… being in front of the camera is scary/awkward especially with my recent weight gain, so I was mostly nervous and anxious leading up to the session… was not at all thinking about a possible engagement. We met Rachel, she lead us to Cottonwood Canyon up toward Solitude Mountain. I was so excited for the snow as they hadn’t had much this winter. Rob knew that I would want this special moment captured, so he decided to propose in front of the camera (which I LOVEEE). Rachel had me look away (as part of a pose) with my back to him, and I turned around because I thought he had fallen in the 3 feet of snow… then I saw the ring in his hand… and was shocked and completely lost it! His words were “Terra, I love you with all my heart, and want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you marry me!”… Of course I said yes, shed a few tears and was completely smitten the rest of the shoot and still today:)

Rob's Proposal in Salt Lake City, Utah.. Cottonwood Canyon

Special Thanks

Rachel Reyes