Ro and Landon

How We Met

I met Landon while I was working at summer camp. He is the executive director’s son so had been working at camp for a few years before I got there. I worked at camp for 2 summers and then we ended up on the same camp team. We soon became close friends. We would talk about life and the experiences we were having during the summer in laundry mats and in van rides. I had no idea that he was interested in me at all. I thought it was a friendship and nothing more. I was okay with that because he really was incredible. Yet, The Lord had other plans and after that summer he asked if I wanted to hang out sometime. We ended up going to IHOP one night after a bible study and then just began staying in touch with one another.

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how they asked

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I knew that he had talked to my dad and that the question was coming soon but I did not expect it when it was. We went out on a date. Went to dinner then to a movie. He told me that we needed to grab something from his parent’s house. He walked outside to grab a bottle of water from the water fridge. I knew that he was taking longer than normal so I asked his dad what was taking so long. His dad got up from his chair and opened the back door. There was something in the back yard that was different. There was an open gazebo structure with a fire going. He had built this gazebo with one of his buddies the night before the engagement. It is not unlike Landon to do romantic things so I thought that this was just another one of his secrets. I walked out to where he was and he was crying. I asked him, “Is this it?” He smiled and nodded, got down on one knee and asked me if I would marry him. I of course said yes. He had gotten some of my best friends to be there as well. We celebrated with a glass of wine and some laughs. Now on March 12th I get to marry the man of my dreams.

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