Riva and Harman

Image 1 of Riva and Harman

Harman planted the seed almost 5 months prior to the proposal day that we had to be in DC for a black tie gala. In preparation for the gala, I rushed the week before to buy a brand new dress and get my nails done. We made our way down to DC just in time to get ready for the gala. Harman brought me to the exact spot where he had asked me to be his girlfriend 7 years prior – the reflecting pool at the National Mall in Washington DC. As we stood there playfully chatting, he got down on one knee and told me to turn my head. The letters “W-I-L-L Y-O-U M-A-R-R-Y M-E ?” showed up in bright lights. My eyes filled with tears and I grabbed him and screamed “YES!”. We heard cheers come from the other side of the reflecting pool and I soon realized it was our families holding the signs. It was truly amazing and words don’t even do it justice…

Image 2 of Riva and Harman