Ritika and Chirag

How We Met

Although we lived a few minutes apart for many years, Chirag and I first met online, in 2019. We both were a little shy initially and talked over the phone for a little while. We connected so well over our similar experiences and stories that it sparked a unique connection between us. I remember our first date distinctly. It was at a local coffee shop and I had ordered my usual caramel macchiato. He ordered a flat white (who drinks flat white on a coffee date?). Other than his coffee choice at the time, our time together was lovely. Since then, we have had countless more dates and our love has only grown, strengthening the connection between us. It seems like time has flown by, and here we are, crazy and madly in love.

How They Asked

A month before our engagement, Chirag asked me to block off the Sunday of an upcoming long weekend. He said his boss had a sail boat that he is able to borrow for the day, and this could be one of our sailing adventures. He asked me to bring along my friend and her husband and he would ask his friend and his girlfriend to join as well, because the more the merrier. We booked the date, (September 1st, 2019), as it was one of the last days for sailing, before they close for the season.

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The day arrived, we were really excited and left for our sailing adventure, even though it was a rainy day. While we were waiting to board, there was a guy standing near our boat, waiting to board with us, and I was perplexed why he was there. I said to Chirag, “I thought we had the boat to ourselves?”. He smiled, and said, “don’t worry about it”. The boat had the most impeccable interiors, with a cheese platter laid out for us and a lovely crew. Gaby, the photographer, who was waiting to board with us, got on and said he is there to take pictures for the sailboat company’s website. And I believed him! We sailed through the waters, into a private island. As I stood on the deck, to see the skyline, suddenly the clouds had disappeared and the sun was peeking through as if the weather Gods were on our side.

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Ritika and Chirag's Engagement in Lake Ontario, Toronto

I turned and Chirag handed me a corked bottle, with rose petals and a message in it. I didn’t realize what was happening and as happy as I was, I read the message and it got me super emotional. I hugged him tight and thought it was very sweet of him to do this. Before I knew it, he went down on one knee and took out that beautiful “sea blue” Tiffany box. Honestly, everything after that is a blur, but he says that I said “No” 3 times before I said “YES”. In my defense, it was “No Way”, out of complete shock.

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The crew popped the champagne and Gaby started to click. It all made sense now. We headed back in the boat and there were cupcakes waiting for us, and more champagne for our friends. I couldn’t imagine him being able to hide anything from me, so I always thought when he would propose, I would know. Oh boy, was I WRONG!

Special Thanks

Gaby Hanna Photography
 | Photographer