Rita and Michael

How We Met

Michael played softball with a lot of men from our neighborhood … One night I took a ride to watch his team play. An hour into the game I see him walking towards me with a limp and I look at his ankle and it was the size of a watermelon ! He sat near me and we began to talk … Michael proceded to tell me how he was going to get up when it was his turn at bat …. “I started to say this isn’t a good idea … Your hurt… It’s not safe” but Michael was already on the way to the Batters box ! From that day on we spoke and 3 years later we are engaged and couldn’t be happier !!!

how they asked

We went to Barbados for my parents’ anniversary …. The first day we got there we spent on the beach and then had dinner reservations for 7:30 pm … At 7:25 Michael starts to get ansty “Are your parents ready I’m starving” I was rushing my parents especially that we hadn’t really eaten. We get to Reefs restaurant and we’re then seated with menus in hand. Mike starts to sweat and look around , I began to think “is he that hungry? We just sat down.. Oh maybe he’s thirsty” and he calls the waiter over … I then hear Michael say “baby, I ordered you something special” before I could say “what did you order?” Two women come from behind my parents with a sign that read “Rita will you marry me?” Then I saw Michael open a black box with a spot light and then he asked “Will you marry me ?” And of course with tears in my eyes I said “Yes!”

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