Rita and Joshua

how we met

Josh and I met in a hometown bar on a Tuesday night. I had walked in and sat down and I knew a lot of people that went there. Josh looked at me and then he did like a double take and looked over at me again. Maybe about half an hour went by he got up and made his way towards me and I could tell he was coming to talk to me. I was drinking a blue moon and the the first thing he said to me was oh blue moon! and honestly we just started talking, the conversation flowed so well it felt so easy to talk to him like I have known him before. After about 3 hours of talking, I had to get home and he walked me out to my car and gave me a hug! and the rest is history!

how they asked

Well it was suppose to be a surprise but my mom gave a little hint about it. December before he asked me to marry me, he gave me a gift for a photoshoot, which I thought was a little strange like what guy gets a girl a photoshoot, and he told me it was just specifically for us! Well that next year he kept asking me so when you wanna do the photoshoot and he kept asking about it and I was like okay lets just do it in April! I got all dressed up and had my friend do my hair and makeup! While we were taking pics we did a photo where Josh was standing behind me and I was in front. The photographer took some shots and then said, “okay Rita you can turn around!” As I turned around I saw Josh down on one knee! He starting crying and I was in shock but kinda of expected it because a few weeks prior my mom said Josh came by the house to ask for my hand in marriage!! Haha but as I was standing there Josh couldn’t even get the words out to say, “Will you marry me?” and it took him a minute cause he was so nervous! It was literally the sweetest thing!

Special Thanks