Rita and James

how we met

I first saw James at the ipfw clubhouse. I only got to see a quick side view of him and I seriously think it was what some people call “love at first sight” haha. Later on I ended up finding out we had mutual friends. One night we were all hanging out at the clubhouse and then headed to my apartment to hang out. I was a complete mess! I was so nervous I barely spoke that night. After that night I followed James on Twitter and DM’d him. I kept telling my roommate how I probably made a fool of myself and how he most likely wouldn’t message me back. Later that evening James replied back and I was jumping all over the place yelling with excitement. Before I knew it we were planning our first date to the zoo.

how they asked

I’m super close to my family. James always knew that I would want my family to be there when the time came to propose. I had gone one weekend to visit my family that lives an hour away to celebrate my nephews birthday party. Once I got to my moms house my niece wanted me to take her to the store. When we returned back, James had my moms backyard set up with balloons “marry me?” With our closest friends and my family there. What made the day even more memorable, some of the ballon letters had flown away so he had to write some of the letters on a piece of paper!


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