Rinky and Ryan

How We Met

Ryan and I met at my best friend Nandini’s wedding over Thanksgiving in 2016. Ryan had moved to California a few years prior and was visiting his family for Thanksgiving in New York. As he was in town, he was able to attend the wedding last minute and happened to be seated at my table (one seat away from me). That’s where our fate and story started. While sitting at my table with some of my friends..I had asked him to move one more seat away so my brother Karun and sister in law Simron could sit next to me! Oops! During this interaction, my other best friend Kiran nudged me to talk to him, so I redeemed myself after the speeches were done and asked if he wanted to come to grab a drink with us and the rest was history. We spent the rest of the wedding reception and after-party dancing, talking and having a great time.

Ryan’s sister Sasha and I had actually met many years ago and share Nandini as a best friend. We had planned Nandini’s bachelorette party together months prior to Ryan and I even meeting. Who would have thought our destiny was actually to be sisters?! As mentioned, Ryan lives in California and I live in New York. We kept in touch after the wedding (we’ve spoken every single day since!) and continued to get to know each other. We made several trips back and forth and got to know each other better, as well as getting to know each other’s family and friends over these years. We are so excited to finally be ending our long-distance relationship and finally be in the same place!

How They Asked

Ryan had planned to visit New York during President’s Day weekend as his birthday is on February 15th. I had coordinated a birthday party in his honor on the 15th. Ryan asked me to meet him in New York City (I live on Long Island) on Valentine’s Day. He coordinated to have a car pick me up and bring me to the city. The driver did not even tell me where we were headed!

Upon arrival, Ryan brought me up to a beautiful hotel suite at the Mondrian decorated with rose petals, candles, balloons and pictures of us. Once I walked into the room and started getting down on one knee to propose, a photographer jumped out to capture our entire magical moment. Ryan had me in tears during his entire speech and I couldn’t be happier to be marrying the man of my dreams! He has been my rock through the ups and downs these past few years and I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together!

We celebrated the proposal all weekend – with our loving family and the best friends we are so blessed to have. We are so grateful for our extremely supportive and loving family and friends and can’t wait for our journey ahead.

Special Thanks

Jabar Jung
 | Photographer
Kiran Kanwar Chandi
 | Planning