Rini and Vivian

how we met

We both are nurses from India and work in Ireland in the same hospital. We met through our mutual friends.

how they asked

Since we both are from India, it is kind of customary for families to meet up first and decide about the wedding, so both our families met in the month of May 2019 and decided that we should get married in 2020. I realised I hadn’t officially proposed her so thought I’d make it special. On our visit to India in May I bought her a diamond ring and booked a trip for both of us to Italy in the month of October 2019, I booked Andrea Matone as our surprise engagement photographer and told him the plan. I managed to hide the ring for 5 months and then we finally made it to Positano, Italy. I had earlier discussed with Andrea that we would do the proposal at the Spiaggia Grande beach and when the time came, I had gotten a customised caricature book for her with all our memories in it. She began reading it and when she came to the end of the book, I had asked if she would marry me, so I went on one knee and asked her. She said yes, we both cried and it was the happiest day of our lives.

Special Thanks