Rini and Himesh

How We Met

We met in November 2015 through mutual friends and had an instant connection. Just a week after we met, Himesh asked me on a date which was on my birthday. Since then we have been inseparable, dates after dates I started to realize how great he is. He’s such a genuine person and I feel like the luckiest girl to have met someone like him.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Tenerife, Spain

How They Asked

Himesh asked in the most romantic way I could possibly think of… what I thought was a holiday photo shoot ended up into a beautiful and well-planned proposal. We planned a trip to Tenerife, Spain as our first vacation out of country. Himesh knows how much I love pictures and capturing memories, so he gave me the idea of doing a photoshoot in Tenerife since it was too cold in Philadelphia.

Rini and Himesh's Engagement in Tenerife, Spain

I found a photographer and contacted him to do a small shoot, little did I know Himesh was contacting him and planning a surprise proposal. He planned out where the proposal would take place, during a beautiful sunset by the beach with a gorgeous setup. When the day finally came, the photographer did an amazing job acting as if nothing will happen. We were taking a few pictures as we started to walk towards the black sand beach, I saw at a distance a beautiful setup with roses and lanterns on a rug.

The photographer tells me that some models are doing a shoot on the beach (no one was there lol) but I still believed him because there was a lady waiting on the side of that setup. Apparently, she was in on this too and helped Himesh coordinate the setup months in advance. Photographer then suggested we can take a few pictures on the rug (which I thought was strange since models will be coming there and I didn’t want to get the rug dirty).

Rini's Proposal in Tenerife, Spain

The photographer walks over the lady by the setup and asks her if we can use this space to take a picture or two. When we were on the rug with a beautiful sunset behind us, he looks into my eyes and out of the blue the song he asked me to be his girlfriend on 4 years ago starts playing at the beach.

That’s when he slowly gets on one knee and asks me to marry him! All I could think of was ‘YES!!!’ Still in disbelief how beautifully he pulled this off. Couldn’t have pictured a better proposal and so thankful for our photographers and his team for there amazing work!

Special Thanks

 | Photographer