He Designed Her Ring, Filmed the Process, and Used it to Propose to Her.

the couple

What started out as a day trip to the beach for our anniversary quickly turned into the best day of my life. We decided to take our dogs to the beach for the day & he kept the rest of the day a secret.

After the beach we pulled up to a hotel. He informed me that he had spoken to my boss and that I had the following day off (this had me excited enough).

We headed down to a bar to have a drink before heading to dinner. When we walked back upstairs I was shocked to see all of my family and Chris’s family filling the room. I was greeted by our dogs which now had collars decorated in flowers and a bow tie.

A video started with Chris sketching a ring and continued to show the process of designing my ring with the jeweler.

the ring design proposal

designed ring to propose

The music in the background was “Marry Me” originally sung by Train but covered by a friend of ours. Chris removed the ring from his dog’s collar & dropped to one knee and popped the big question & I said YES!

the proposal

she said yes