Riley Elizabeth and Dakotah

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Ida Cason Callaway Memorial Chapel

How We Met

If you think this post is going to be a Nicolas Sparks book then I apologize, but this is real life and it is perfect in every way. I posted a selfie. I posted this selfie right before the summer of 8th grade saying that we won our softball games and I used a bunch of unnecessary hashtags. That night I got a comment on this picture from a certain guy named Dakotah Stanton. It was short, simple, and to the point. The comment read, “Hey you’re hot can I have your number.” Growing up you are always told don’t talk to strangers on the internet and I always followed the rules so I was thinking HECK NO I don’t know you ain’t no way you’re getting my number. Then… I checked out his profile and thought hey this guys pretty cute I guess giving him my number can’t hurt anything. We started texting and immediately became best friends. We did not let a single day go by without talking to each other for hours upon end. So the summer of 2013 goes by and we start our 9th grade year at Oakman and Cordova. Still, after all this time we had not met in person and he had not “officially” asked me to be his girlfriend yet. October 7 2013 comes around and Oakman junior high football is playing Cordova’s so I thought man this is the perfect opportunity. We met up at the game and when I tell you it was awkward it was awkward you can ask anybody there I would not even speak to him I was so nervous (now he can’t get me to shut up.) This was it the game was over and we were about to leave. He STILL hadn’t asked me to be his girlfriend yet and so again me being the awkward person I am says, “sooo…..anything you want to ask me?” Talk about putting someone on the spot, but he asked and of course I said well it’s about time!

How They Asked

Dakotah surprised me with a trip with two of our friends to Callaway Gardens in Georgia to celebrate our six year dating anniversary. We had been talking about a weekend getaway for some time now so I honestly did not think anything about it. Saturday morning we woke up and began our day filled with exploring the gardens. I wanted to take some pictures while we were there so thankfully I had dressed nice that day. We headed out and spent the day going to various trials and exhibits at the gardens. One of the places I really wanted to go was the Ida Cason Callaway Memorial Chapel. Every time I mentioned it Dakotah and our friends would blow me off and say oh yeah we can do that last. I was really getting upset because I thought no one even wanted to go there. Finally we made it to the chapel trail and it was beautiful and beyond peaceful. We made it to the chapel and went inside and there was someone inside playing hymns on the organ, it was breathtaking. I even made the comment while in the church that it felt like we were getting married. How ironic is that. When we walked back outside we went to a spot that overlooked a pond right in front of the chapel. Dakotah held my hands and began to tell me how much he loved me. This is when I realized what exactly was going on. He got down on his knee and asked me to marry him. I was in absolute shock. The only words I could get out were “well yeah!” He put do much thought and effort into this day to make it so perfect. I am so thankful that I get to marry my best friend.

Where to Propose in Ida Cason Callaway Memorial Chapel