Riley and RJ

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How We Met

We met almost five years ago at our college’s football tailgate. Our school colors were blue and gold but RJ was wearing orange and white (for UT who was also playing that day). I was not happy he was breaking our school spirited theme and told him to leave (–I SWEAR I’m not always like this and I’m not mean! I love meeting new people and don’t judge everyone’s clothes!!) He told our mutual friend John (who is actually marrying one of my best friends this year!!) that I was crazy (true) and that we weren’t going to be friends. HA 

A couple of weekends later he rode home with me and some of my friends from a party and accidentally left his phone in my backseat. After some very cheesy Facebook messages -from him not me!!, We agreed to meet on campus so I could return it to him. I brought it with me to class the next day and my friend Kaitlyn and I did some major snooping (we actually are crazy) and then I decided to put my number in his phone just for fun..

A couple of months later and we’ve been together ever since. RJ and I are so opposite. He’s OCD and I am a little messy, he’s organized, a planner, think everything through-er and I’m spur of the moment, do now, apologize later. People always say you are attracted to guys like your dad and I can see it now (in a totally not creepy way). RJ and my dad both tell cheesy jokes, they both make me feel safe, loved, secure. They make me so happy and like a princess. Knowing I wanted to marry RJ is something I’ve felt for a while now and it’s so exciting to actually be engaged (-& not just secretly pinning wedding details like a psycho, we’re all guilty right?!)!!

how they asked

So, I’m a little nosey.. a lot nosey. I HATE secrets. I love to be in control of everything. When it’s a big occasion or a party I have to make sure every little detail is in order. RJ knows this, everyone knows this, so all engagement details have been top secret. I knew it was coming. I knew RJ asked me Dad permission when we were in NYC. They went to breakfast one morning and RJ came back SO sweaty (it was the week before Christmas, aka freezing) and I knew that’s what they were talking about. I didn’t exactly know when it would be but we all knew it was getting close.

This past Sunday I had already planned on attending a bridal convention with my best friend Ashlee and some of her other bridesmaids. They were coming over to have mimosas before. Around 8 am I was still asleep and woke up to the dogs jumping on the bed, followed by RJ holding a tray full of breakfast. The pups were both kissing me when I noticed something tied on Doodlebug’s collar! I immediately started crying and took it off the collar, the string was still tied on the ring and RJ was trying to get it untied — he was so nervous and it took so long!

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I can’t really remember what he was saying it was all this happy blur but I do remember him asking if I would marry him and putting the ring on my finger! It was so perfect and I was actually surprised! Is it sad the only way I can be surprised is if I’ve been asleep..? I felt so bad because I had so many butterflies I couldn’t even eat the huge breakfast he woke up at 6 to make. How I managed to sleep through it all, I still don’t know!

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It was 8 am here when we got engaged, meaning it was 7 am in Memphis where most of my family is and I felt so bad I was waking them all up. It was the most perfect proposal and I can’t even explain how happy I am. RJ even purchased the most adorable monogrammed, velvet box for my ring from the Mrs. Box. I’ve always loved these boxes from when I saw them on Pinterest but I had no idea RJ would remember! I can’t wait to pass it on to our son or daughter when they are grown.

I think I’m still in shock, I constantly catch myself just staring at my hand. I actually get really sad every night at bedtime when it’s time to take off my ring. I think I’ve actually been going to bed later just so I don’t have to take it off. My mom and step dad are coming in town this weekend and one of my best friends and I just cannot believe how exciting this time of our lives is about to get and I’m so excited I get to share it with you guys too! I just cannot grasp how much time and thought RJ spent finding the perfect ring, the perfect box and coming up with the perfect proposal. I’ve prayed my entire life to find a man like him and God is so great.
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