Riley and Keylan

Riley's Proposal in My backyard

How We Met

It was summer of 2006, and I was heading to my favorite place ever, High Rock Bible Camp, with my dad and best friend in tow. This summer, I got my very first boyfriend (I was 10), and I met my future husband. Though Keylan would not become my first “love”, he would ask me out for one of his best pals. This was the first time I would meet Keylan, though he met my dad (his camp counselor) 2 years prior. A few years passed, and Keylan and I fell out of touch, but thanks to Facebook, we reconnected. We kept up “off again on again” for about four years, in and out of relationships, job changes, and graduations until last summer. Almost one year ago to the day, I liked Keylan’s newly changed profile picture which resulted in him sending me a message. About 5 minutes into the conversation, Keylan mentioned he was a jeweler and I said, “Haha, I’ll be sure to tell my future husband.” to which Keylan replied, “Oh. I thought I was your future husband.” Though it was a joke (he says over my shoulder, “Hey! That wasn’t a joke; I knew I’d be your husband!), and really forward, I found something attractive about his openness and confidence. From here, we made plans to visit our church camp one night while it was open, see Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors, and go to dinner…the rest, as they say, is history.

Proposal Ideas My backyard

how they asked

Keylan had told me on many occasions that he did not want a long engagement, something that was relatively inevitable since I am still in school. However, he had dropped some hints over the past few months that alluded to me maybe getting a ring on our vacation to New Smyrna Beach, FL. That vacation came and went without a proposal, but we did grow as a couple. With the passing of that trip, I assumed that Keylan would propose, at the earliest, sometime this winter. I did not think that he would propose on a random Wednesday night in my backyard.

Wednesdays are mine and Keylan’s day off, so that time together is always precious. He came down to my church, like every Wednesday, but this day he asked to do some specific things. He wanted to bring in this summer by stargazing in my backyard, and I agreed if we could grab some pizza (a rarity because we are both on this crazy health kick). He agreed so the stage was set.

After church, with pizza and blanket in tow, Keylan and I headed to a clear spot in my backyard and prepped for some good food, conversation, and stargazing. We were sitting there, talking and eating when Keylan said, “I wanted to do this because I wanted to talk to you about something.” As I double fisted my pizza and breadsticks, he said, “I love you!”. I replied with the same enthusiasm, but I noticed that he wanted to say something else, so jokingly I said, “What? Are you going to propose?” Keylan says, “Yeah! Will you marry me?” ** It is important to note that Keylan has “fake proposed” to me before, and sometimes with actual rings (thank you, jewelry job) ** When he said that, I laughed and said something about him not even having the ring. At this point, he got onto his knees, and pulled out a ring…MY ring, and got down on one knee. He simply said, “I want to spend my entire life with you.”

I asked “Is this real?” at least 100 times in between tears, laughter, and squeals.


Keylan proposed to me in the most perfect way. I was completely taken aback, and the simplicity and atmosphere of the night created “the” moment for him/me.