Riley and Jake

How They Asked

When Jake’s family invited me on a trip to Italy during the week of our anniversary I thought nothing of it! Jake had always said that he wanted the proposal to be a huge surprise. So, I automatically assumed that proposing on our anniversary in Italy was too obvious & he would never propose that day. Leading up to the trip Jake dropped me several hints that I TOTALLY missed.

A couple of weeks before the trip he picked out a documentary on Boboli Gardens in Florence. The very gardens that we would get engaged in! Then he ordered me two dresses & told me to pick one out to wear on our anniversary. Jake is so sweet all the time so I thought nothing of the kind gesture. Little did I know that he wanted to make sure I had the perfect outfit for our proposal!

We decided to spend our anniversary day in Florence because we had heard such wonderful things about it! When we arrived at the Boboli Gardens Jake’s dad was taking pictures of us all over the garden. I was not even suspicious though because Jake’s dad is always taking pictures of everyone!

Where to Propose in Florence, Italy

Proposal Ideas Florence, Italy

Jake & I started to walk up a little hill that is covered in trees & all of a sudden Jake said “I had a way that I wanted to propose to you, but…” and that is when I cut him off & said “Jake, just stop I do not want to get my hopes up.” Jake told me to “stop & just listen.” He said “I had a way to propose to you, but I’m just going to do it the cliché way. I love you. Will you marry me?”

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Florence, Italy

I was speechless. I could NOT believe it. He stood up & we hugged & I said “yes!” Jake’s family was walking right behind us & they took pictures of the whole thing!

Five minutes later I started to just cry & cry. I had been dreaming about marrying this boy since I was 12 years old & I could not believe that all my dreams were coming home!!

Jake & I are so happy & we are so grateful for all of the support that everyone has already given us.