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How We Met

I’ve always been very adamant that I wanted the families of me and my future husband to be very close. So, when I found out that the new guy in my 9th grade Geometry class’s parents went to high school with my parents, I may or may not have tried to get to know him a little better. I’ll be completely honest, I fell for him immediately. It only took a few classes to realize that he was the only person in my life my age who I could actually talk to about George Straight, NASCAR and antique cars who didn’t think I had two heads. We clicked when it came to almost everything and everyone knew it. He came to visit my grandfather’s museum one day and when they hit it off immediately I went completely weak at the knees. We both worked like dogs though all through high school and were too stubborn / proud to actually tell the other one how we felt until just after graduation. One date at our local bacon festival later and we knew we were headed for forever.

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Isaacs family was vacationing in Corolla, NC at the time so we both drove down after work that Friday to stay with them for the weekend. I had a terrible cold and we didn’t get to the house until after midnight. Right as we were pulling in he springs on me that as part of my birthday present (from back in July) we were going to go horseback riding the next morning on the beach at a place I used to work when we lived in Hatteras. I was excited, but still very sick and exhausted. After staying up almost all night talking with his sister, we left for Hatteras at 4:00am the next morning to make our 7:00am ride. It was pitch dark, pouring down raining and I felt like death. We arrive on time, it’s still pouring and I’m seriously considering not going at this point. However, being the avid rider that I am, I told myself once I got on the horse I would feel better.

For 2+ hrs we trudged through the rain on our horses to get to the beach. I had made this ride a million times when I worked there, but I was excited to run the horses on the beach with Isaac this time. Low and behold, when we stepped out on to the beach, the rain stopped! Isaac and I took off racing our horses down the beach laughing our heads off. It was fantastic. I smoked him. Isaac had told me that he had asked one of my friends to take some pictures of us while we were riding because he knew how much I loved pictures. We stopped when we were headed back towards the barn and the photographer suggested we get off the horses to take a few. I started posing and Isaac just looked at me and started grinning. He reached in his pocket and said he had something he’d been meaning to ask me. My heart was beating a million miles a minute.

He dropped to one knee right there in the surf and asked me the question I had been dying to hear. I couldn’t get the word “YES” out fast enough before I full out tackled him. I couldn’t even tell you what the ring looked like until the full five minutes of me hugging his neck were through. Both of us just laughing there on the same beach we had made so many other memories, oozing with happiness.

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We looked up and the sun had just come out and mad away for a beautiful rest of the day and apparently took my cold away too. We rode off into the sun side by side, laughing all the way.

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