Riley and Ian

Riley's Proposal in In our front yard, in the garden

How We Met

Ian and I actually met in high school. We didn’t go to the same high school, but had a mutual friend who introduced us. At the time, Ian had a girlfriend (but that didn’t stop me from thinking he was cute). Eventually, Ian and his then girlfriend broke up and we began chatting – on AIM of course. We hung out a lot, but never got serious.

Senior year of high school, I got a serious boyfriend and stopped talking to Ian. Fast forward to college, and Ian and his roommate came to visit my college town for a basketball game. They needed a place to stay, so they stayed with me. This is when our love story really began. From that point on, we talked daily.

how they asked

After dating for about 6 years and living together for 4, I was expecting a ring all the time. We had shopped together and he promised it would happen. Each time we’d go out to eat or do anything special, I was sure that would be the moment. I kept my nails done constantly and was ready! I even joked with my girlfriends that he’d never be able to surprise me since he waited so long. Boy was I wrong…

One Monday evening, Ian and I were working in the garden and decided to pickle some peppers. We went to the store to get all the supplies and I went to the kitchen to make the brine. Ian came in the house and said, “hey, I think you missed a pepper out here. Come check it out.” Being that I was preoccupied, I replied with, “if it looks big enough, just pick it.” Ian was insistent that this pepper was different and grew in a crazy way and that I needed to come be the judge myself. When I came out, he was on one knee (which still didn’t clue me in to what was happening since he was working in the garden). As he pulled a curved banana pepper from behind a leaf, I saw the sparkly diamond ring dangling off. I was in such total shock. It was the perfect surprise. It was so simple, and so special, and I did NOT see it coming.

He stole my heart all over again on the wedding day, when he had his mom deliver a banana pepper from our garden to me while I was getting ready.