Riley and Christopher

Riley and Christopher's Engagement in Medford, Oregon

How We Met

It was the summer of Riley’s sophomore in college, she was working a summer job at a restaurant in her hometown, Oak and Embers. One of the summer days around noon, Chris was going to work out at the gym next door when he saw some of his buddies at Oak and Embers. Rather than fulfilling his daily routine of working out he decided to stop in and spend his day off hanging with his dudes. One drink turned into many and it was now shift change. The boys moved out to the patio, Riley’s section, for more room as they had a few more friends joining. Now that Chris had a little extra liquid courage he began to drop some pick up lines. The night ended with not much to come of the flirtatious exchange between Chris and Riley. It wasn’t until Chris continued to stop into Oak and Embers throughout the summer to have a quick bite or drink. After the fourth or fifth time of him coming in Riley and Chris finally exchanged numbers to meet up and go hunting down in Athens, Ohio. A simple text of, “Hey its Chris from Oaks. I hope you got home safe. Have a good night.” was what started the beginning of their love story.

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How They Asked

About two years into us dating we decided to go on a second trip to an all inclusive in Mexico. While there we became very good friends with a couple, Brandon & Christine, who were from Oregon. We got dinner together, went on an excursion and laid out by the pool many times throughout our trip. Christine was a photographer and while we were there she did a mini photo shoot for us on the beach. A DREAM COME TRUE! They were gorgeous!

We stayed in touch well after our trip and decided to make our next vacation a trip out to their farm in rural Oregon. It was absolutely breathtaking, rolling mountains as far as the eye could see, lush bright color, waterfalls and the most incredible hiking. As we were planning our trip out Christine had asked if I would be okay doing a styled shoot for her 2018 wedding portfolio – without hesitation I immediately took her up on the offer. We decided we would go up to her favorite location, the very top of a mountain where you could see as far as the eye would let you, and then grab dinner afterwards. After a long nerve wrecking trip up logging roads we finally arrived at the most breathtaking view. Christine set up the area with a blanket, some wine, cheese, berries and a picnic basket. She began shooting some photos and positioning Chris and I. Then she stopped and said, “Chris, can you pull the crackers out of the basket, I forgot. Riley while he’s doing that just gentle look over to the right and gaze at the mountains.” After she snapped a few shots she asked me to turn back. When I turned back around I saw Chris holding a little black box, hands shaking and a tear falling from his cheek. He looked up at me and told me how beautiful our journey together has been so far, that he couldn’t see his life with anyone else and wants to have many more memories like this one. Then he popped the question that I have always dreamed of, “Riley, Will you marry me?”. Without hesitation I quickly responded with YES. Tears running down both of our cheeks and then we hear Christine and Brandon — “YAY! CONGRATULATIONS!”

We then took our engagement pictures right there and headed down for dinner in the village. It was absolutely the most spectacular night that we got to share with such sweet friends.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Medford, Oregon

Special Thanks

Christine Farey
 | Photographer