Riley and Cameron

How We Met: I saw him from across the room and thought the was the most attractive man that I had ever laid eyes on. He had incredible looks and his walk showed that he was confident. When he approached me for the first time, I quickly realized that he was a flirt and thought that I was just another one of the ‘lucky’ ladies that he chose to strike up a conversation with.

Image 1 of Riley and Cameron

Since he was so flirtatious, I did not think much about him for the next couple months. However, about 7 months after our first encounter, he messaged me on Facebook AND texted me. He sent both messages within 5 minutes and asked how I was doing.

This was strange because the only conversation we had, was 7 months prior, and I didn’t think more of it than a flirtatious interaction. As the conversation developed, I learned that he wanted to come visit me in 2 weeks. Boy was I concerned; an attractive man visiting me out of nowhere?

He must be up to something. After 2 weeks, he came to visit and I had one of the best weekends of my life. I learned that he wanted to visit me because he had a huge crush on me, and it didn’t take long for me to develop a crush on him.

how they asked: Since the day we started dating, Cameron told me that he wanted to date for 5 years and that he was going to wait to say “I love you” until that day. We had been dating for 2 years when Susannah (my really good friend) and I were traveling throughout Italy.

Image 2 of Riley and Cameron

As we were traveling throughout Venice, Cameron told me that he had made reservations for Susannah and I at 8:00pm and not be too early or too late. He said that he had googled over 40 restaurants, and he found that this was the best restaurant in Venice.

When we arrived, the host walked us toward the outdoor seating and when I saw Cameron, I immediately started to tear up. Cameron grabbed my hand, walked me out to the pier, and started to tell me about all the reasons he loves me. He asked me to be his wife, and I was so excited to say “yes”.

Image 3 of Riley and Cameron

Image 4 of Riley and Cameron