Riley and Brett


How We Met

Brett and I met our sophomore year of college at Johnson & Wales University-Denver. We had two classes together and I remember staring at him on the first day. He had a beard and a tattoo…basically anything a college girl could ask for. I was walking to English and saw him. As he got closer I told him I liked his shoes. We ended up walking to class together and spent the rest of the trimester working on projects. We would meet at school and then by the time I would get to my room there would be a text from him asking me if I wanted to hang out. It was like clockwork. We would go to the movies together, get coffee after class, and text each other 24/7. It was obvious we liked each other, but we didn’t really do anything about it. Then one time I had a really bad day at work and he picked me up from my room and took me to Texas Roadhouse…he hates that place. And he even wore cowboy boots. That night at dinner I realized how much I liked him and we have been inseparable ever since.



how they asked

Brett had been planning a surprise for a few months. His friend had accidentally told me we were going to Chicago to stay with his niece, but I had no idea what we would be doing when we got there. We packed our bags and headed to the airport when the surprise weekend was finally here. In the car he handed me a bag. Inside was two shirts and a ticket to our favorite band, M83, who was playing that night. The next day we walked the city and grabbed breakfast and coffee. He told me we had to be back to change into nice clothes by 2pm. I was so confused. Where could we be going in such nice clothes in the middle of the afternoon? We changed and his niece came with us to take pictures in Millennial Park. We went to this little hedge garden and I noticed him move something out of his pocket, but I figured it was nothing. Then Brett gets down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was so shocked and excited that I almost forgot to give him my hand! He did everything I had wanted.



His niece was there to take pictures of the whole thing, my ring was the exact one I had pointed out one day at the mall and we were dressed up. After that he called us a ride to the Ritz Carlton downtown where we had a reservation and then took me to the mall by our hotel to get my nails done and go on a shopping spree. It was the greatest proposal I could have ever hoped for and I am so happy to be marrying my best friend.


Special Thanks

Codie Walton | 
Took Pictures