Riley and Blake

How We Met

Blake and I met in high school in 2010, I was 15 and he was 16. My best friend Katie, who had known Blake since elementary school, made the introduction. We started off as friends for a few months (we both liked other people at the time) before he eventually built up the confidence to ask me out.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in St. Barth's

As embarrassing as it is to admit, I remember feeling so cool that I was dating an older varsity football player (ha!) We’ve essentially been together ever since!

Where to Propose in St. Barth's

How They Asked

Fast forward to June 2019, we were traveling to St. Barth’s for a week with one of my best friend’s and her husband. About a month prior to our trip, Blake had told me that we (him and I) were now going to fly into St. Maarten two days early, then meet our friend’s in St. Barth’s. When I asked why the change in plans, he simply said he wanted to make the most of our trip since it was our first time traveling to the Caribbean. Blake had made comments in the past about how nervous he’d be proposing abroad, in fear that he’d end up losing the ring at some point along the way, so I never once saw it coming or suspected anything!

Upon checking into our resort in St. Maarten, we were greeted with a beautiful ocean-front suite with a patio leading right onto the sand. The Caribbean is also home to thousands of wild iguanas, they’re literally EVERYWHERE and were all over our resort. As I was finishing up getting ready for dinner that evening, Blake called out to me from the patio telling me to hurry & come see the two giant iguanas that had walked up. I immediately grabbed my phone and ran outside, ready to insta-story the massive lizards. While there was no iguanas insight, what I saw instead was a bottle of champagne, two glasses, a breathtaking sunset, and the love of my life down on one knee. I was in complete and utter shock! I admittedly burst out laughing & said: “wait, are you kidding????!!!???!!!”

He was, in fact, not kidding.

It was perfect in every way! You dream your whole life of what your proposal will look like but I don’t think anything could ever prepare you for the real thing. It was 100% worth waiting 9 years for!