Riley and Auna

how we met

Riley and I met two doors down in our freshman college dorm hall. It was not love at first site for myself but he thought otherwise. We grew close due to being in the same friend group. It wasn’t until the end of the year I grew some feels for him . Our love story really began at a pool party the following summer.

how they asked

He told me we were going out for breakfast at my favorite breakfast place spot. I got him nervous because I rushed him because I was hungry. We went on a drive on our way there stopping by the school where we met and my college house where he asked me to be his girlfriend. After breakfast (which I later put together was the same spot we had our first official date) he brought me to my childhood neighborhood. My house no longer stands there but he started in with you made a lot of great memories here so I wanted to make one more. And just like that he was down on his knee and the rest is history. And if it can even get better then that our parent where at the top of the hill when we walked back to the cars.

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