Rikki and Andrew

Image 1 of Rikki and Andrew

How We Met

I use to work at Panera Bread during my first year of college. I remember this really cute guy who use to come in every night I worked. After a couple of months of flirting–or so I thought–I gathered the courage to give this cute guy my number. Come to find out Andrew was super sweet to me because he was hungry and I was the one taking his order. He was surprised I gave him my number, but it ended up working out!

how they asked

We planned our 4 year anniversary trip back down in SLO where we met, after moving away and not visiting for 2 years. I had asked Andrew if we could take pictures for the house this summer. While we were planning our anniversary trip he told me that we should take our pictures while on our trip. The first day in SLO we went shopping downtown and stopped by a jewelry store to check out some rings. Needless to say, I was disappointed when we left because I knew we weren’t going to be married for another year or so. We went to lunch and talked about our future and decided we should wait another year.

Couple of hours later, we get ready for our pictures. It ended up being super windy that day so Andrew grabbed his jacket while we hiked up Terrace Hill. The photographer had us walking around holding hands. We came to the edge of the hill where she had me take some pictures of just myself. Andrew went to go grab some water since the hike up the hill was tiresome. The photographer had me facing away from her twirling around and facing SLO and my back to her. All the sudden she got rally silent, asked me to turn around and there was Andrew with the biggest smile on his face, asking me to marry him. I have never seen Andrew so proud in his life and I couldn’t help but be so excited and surprised!

Image 2 of Rikki and Andrew