Rika and Michael

How We Met

In 2008, Michael and I met in College. I was new at the school and trying to figure it out which building I was suppose to go. So I saw this guy which is Michael and ask him for direction. I’m the kind of person that is bad for direction. He was kind enough to show me where the building that I was suppose to go. Right after that, Michael asked me if I want to hang out with him some day. I said “Sure, why not?” So Michael asked my number and we exchange number. Then couple of days he added each other on friendster, myspace, and facebook. We talked and talked and talked. Finally it was a Valentine’s Day, we had our first dinner date in Banana Bay Rowland Height, CA. We enjoy each other company. Somehow after that we were so busy with eachother life that we didn’t talk to eachother. Fast forward to 2011, he went to my facebook page and wrote a comment on one of my post. So I replied to his comment. Then he asked me if I want to have dinner with him and wanted to catch up on our lives. It was very lovely. That time I was in the nursing program. So the next day on 9.10.2011 Saturday, I asked him if he want to go with me to Brazilian Event in L.A. He said “Ok”. We both went and I introduce him to my friends. Then on the way to go to his friends party, he asked me to be his girlfriend. At that time, I was excited so I said “YES”.

how they asked

On November 7, 2015, Michael and I went to Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Beach, CA. The week before, he told me not to plan anything. I asked him why. He told me that we going to have lunch with his parents at the best restaurant in Newport Beach. After he told me we going to have lunch with his parents, I was kind of sad because I just want it just the two of us. By the time we were there, I was clueless. I told Michael where’s your parents at, how come they aren’t here. He told me that, no this is for the both of us. I was like are you sure? He was like yeah. So I was like awwwww. It was so beautiful. The staff decorated with flower petals around the table and the center of the table they have a gorgeous flower. I love it. I was going to sit down, but Michael pull me to the side. Once he started getting down on his knees, this guy was taking picture of me and him. It was so strange. So when Michael ask the question, ” Rika will you marry me?” I was blank out and have to think a min cuz I was thinking this could be a joke or something. But of course, I said, “Yes” at the end. He put this beautiful ring that I’ve been wanting so bad in my hand. Oh yeah the guy that take pictures of us, I just found out it was one of Michael co-worker. :) This day is the best day of my life. I will cherish this moment every day.

Image 1 of Rika and Michael

Image 2 of Rika and Michael

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